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Coolest thing you got to do while on duty?

I think the funnest thing I personally got to do was guard President Bush when he visited Campbell in 2008.
He's very much retarded... it's worse in person... Thank god for ear buds.

What's the coolest/funnest thing/detail you got to do while on duty??

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  • I provided an armed escort to Neil Armstrong back in June. It ended up being his last public appearance before his death. Great detail
  • Wow, lucky
  • go to work everyday!! :)
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    NEWBIE ALERT !!!! :)
  • Was a lot, but my most memorable was a true classic, I delivered a baby on a cold, blizzard falling night in NJ.
  • The coolest thing I got to do was clean out my locker on my last shift before I retired. I did a lot of cool things during my career....delivering a baby, arresting a serial killer, finding lost children, getting paid to occasionally kick the crap out of someone....but surviving and retiring in one piece was the best.
  • Pull a drunk off a moving motorcycle. He'd been running from me, and had cut through a yard and was circling the house. I went the other way, exited the car, and caught two hands full of leather jacket as he came past the corner. Motorcycle went about 50 yards and crashed into a tree. He went four feet straight down onto his back, and was handcuffed before he got his breath back.
  • This is a hard topic to answer because I have seen some cool things.

    I got to throw stinger spikes to end a pursuit in 2000, tazed someone on Christmas once, and so many other things. That is the biggest thing about being a Police Officer because we see and experience the world like no one else does.

  • The best thing I ever got to do was escort the remains of a fallen soldier upon return to the United States. From one service member to another....Such an Honor!
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  • probably working an event with Hillary Clinton during Her run for office. worked next to feds, many local depts, and state troopers. snipers on the roof in & in the tree line.
  • Giving a four week old baby CPR and saving the childs life.
  • Working the Victoria Secret show in 2007. It was a great gig.
  • He wins^^
  • hammerdog421 takes the gold!
  • It was a hard job but someone had to do it:)
  • Lots of good stories! When I was in the Army it was being on the honor guard at a soldiers funeral and getting to fold the flag. It was an honor. In law enforcement, I am a crime scene investigator (also a forensic investigator for the coroners office) and I arrive at a scene when all the saving that can be done, has been done. I process a scene to the best of my ability so that my work will help bring a suspect to justice and closure to a family. That's pretty cool to me, especially when you find that one piece of evidence that you know makes your case.
  • Lol Hammerdog.. Oh geezus...

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  • Got pretty lucky doing some cool gigs ... Motorcade escort for Bush Sr., Princess Di (personally met her and shook her hand), Secret Service detail for Jimmy Carter, participate in the 100 year anniversary parade for Harley, TOO MANY LEO funeral escorts (the highest honor of my career), and 15 years as a motor officer!
  • Hell, now that I think about's all kind of special after almost 30 years. lol But, yeah, the guy that did security for Victoria's Secret gets my vote. lol
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  • Arrest two different drunk drivers off of one traffic stop.

    I stopped a mini-van that was occ 2x. The driver was a 50ish YO female, the passenger was her son and was passed out drunk. I got the driver out of the van and after SFST placed her under arrest for OWI. As I put her in the back seat of my patrol car a truck drove up to my traffic stop.

    I made contact with the driver of the truck and he said he was the female's husband. I got a strong odor from him and ran him through SFST and he was drunker than his wife. I hooked him put him in the back seat with his wife.

    I thought I was going to have to detox the son in the van but was able to find a family member to take responsibility for him. This was a good thing as his parents, who were both under arrest, wanted him to get home so he could sleep it off 'cause he was getting married the next day! :)
  • Hammerdog wins this topic
  • I have been retired for almost twelve years. Last December 7th I commented on how proud I was to have the task of lowering the flag to half staff at the hospital where I work security. To lower that flag and think of all the good Americans who have lost their lives both in the military and the police department. I know many names on the granite walls both at the police memorial and the Viet Nam memorial.
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