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Prayers needed

edited 29 Nov 2013 in Thin Blue Line
Deputy Butch Newell of the Johnson Co. SO in Texas was critically injured in a MVA earlier this week. He is currently in a medically induced coma to allow his body to begin the healing process. According to what I have heard locally, Deputy Newell may have suffered some type of health issue prior to the accident, although I have no direct knowledge of that.

Although Newell's long term prognosis is good, there are some serious concerns about complications that may arise.

Deputy Newell is a veteran of over 30 years of service, including 15 years with the Johnson County SO. Although I have not had the honor to serve with the deputy personally, an injury to one of us is a blow to us all. Please join me in prayer for a fellow LEO in need.


  • Quick update. Deputy Newell has been brought out of the medically induced coma and has been up and moving around. He still has a long road ahead of him, but significant progress has been made.

    When the Deputy was brought out of his coma he was greeted with the news that he had been promoted. When he returns to work, Butch Newell will be sporting a fresh set of three striped on his sleeves.
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