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Hi from the UK

Hi, I've been lurking in the shadows on Facebook for the past few months, thought it was time to show my face on here.

I work on the North West Motorways as a Traffic officer. This would put me on a par with the likes of State Police / Highway Patrol, mainly dealing with the aftermath of the minor and the major crashes we have (The Politically correct term being Collisions!!) and working on cross border operations with other police forces.

Been an officer for over 23 years with 6 to retirement (With luck and God willing) Worked both Cities (London) and countryside, and done Vice, Town centre teams, Responding to the normal day to day work, have been trained in Police Firearms and for past 10 years as a Traffic officer.

Looking forward to seeing what we all have in common and what winds us all up (Political Interference in Policing!!)
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