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Early release of thug who ran over officer

Dear the Thin Blue Line family, are you aware that a fellow officer who was basically mamed, and run over 2 years ago - was never notified that the POS who was sentenced to 7 years to serve, was recently let out, AFTER ONLY TWO YEARS? The officer is APD detective Patrick Apoian. The POS is Khalif Edwards. Parole board never notified, judge never notified, victim advocate never notified, DA (dekalb i believe), or anyone from APD, not even those comrades who worked the case never notified Detective Apoian.

THIS IS AN INJUSTICE. Do something! If it were you or a family member, don't you/your family deserve better? He isn't even finished with surgeries, hasnt returned to his job. has run out of benefits.

WTF? Just sayin

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