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I love being a Police Officer, wouldn't trade it for anything!


  • I feel u robert i wouldnt either
  • Couldn't imagine doing anything else.
  • Dont know if I could done anything else.
  • Had to retire after almost 25 due to a back injury, but still love the job. We never stop being LEO's, we just stop doing the job regularly.
  • Me too, blue line forever, but like Gunsmoke after 34 years as a Trooper a turd drug me hanging out of his vehicle and when all was said and done 4 surgeries later. They say I can never be in LEO again, that is my identity, I don't know anything else. I miss the brotherhood and that blue line. Unsure what future holds, still in rehab ?????
  • Olinger, the future is what you make it. Yes, it's in our blood, and our blood will always run blue. But I used to tell the cadets when I taught at the academy, a long as you define the badge, and don't let the badge define you, you can never be away from it, if its on your chest or not. We can still carry our badge and even our gun, our training can never be forgotten and our experience can never be lost. Maybe we should start a support group for retired, disabled cops? God bless, brother, you will be fine.
  • love it i wake up with a smile everyday
  • @ Gunsmoke, I like your comment and the idea of a support group.

    I love my career and cant imagine doing anything else. Love it so much I work for a sheriffs office and a neighboring coroners office on my days off. Forensics is my specialty but I have a blast just going to work everyday.
  • Love my job as a city cop.. Wouldn't want any other job.
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    Thanks for your post Gunsmoke. I started in 1979 after spending several years as an
    MP. I was forced to retire early from a spinal injury. I can tell you that the emotional pain of leaving the job early is far worse than the physical pain of the injury. I still get a lump in my throat every time I pass by the department. I carried that emotional pain until I found Jesus Christ and He took all that away. I still miss the job today as much as always but I found peace without it. I still carry my badge and gun and I will be a Police Officer until the day I die. May God be with each of you with every shift. You are my brothers and sisters and I love you all...........
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    Being a cop isn't just a job, it's a career, a lifestyle, I'm proud to be in the thin blue line. One of my favorite quotes..."To some it's just a blue line, to others it's a family crest"
  • Always back The thin blue line.
  • HOOAH!!!
  • Copy that Tanner!
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    @ Gunsmoke: you are so dead on! It is what you make of it! & starting an association of LEO's disabled or retired is a great idea & much needed! Although I was not employed as LEO, I was in the Army and have been medically retired. I could have chosen to lock up and melt away, but to live! I had an inert will to continue to serve, so went into ministry. That is how I became a Chaplain for the Sheriff's office (not by my plan, but because of God's Divine providence.). It is so important that every LEO department or office or agency have @ least one Chaplain. We're not miracle workers, but when one needs to talk, Chaplains will listen without condemnation and in total confidence. Their services should be offered to any and all LEO's active, reserve, or retired & to all family members of all! The statistics do not lie: per-capita: the highest rate of suicides is LEO's, the ranks of especially retired or disabled. CISM is great, but not aggressive enough if we still have suicide rates higher than most demographics. A well trained Chaplain can be the much needed link.

    Apologize for the long comment (typical Pastor)! I welcome all comments & solution ideas to address this ever growing problem. No office, department, or agency wants to admit this is a huge problem, but we must address it. The more we ignore it, the worse it becomes and it breeds all kinds of symptoms that we don't want.

    Blessings my TBL Brothers!
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  • Btw: did I mention that I am an Amputee above the knee of the right leg, had a total knee replacement on my left, three fusions in my neck from C3-C7, sever arthritis of all my joints + a host of other injuries, but I still press on toward the mark & active in ministry 7 days a week? It is what it is and in God's control. Keep going is the key and what you make of life is what you get out of it. So, keep pushing through, over or under, but keep pushing through!
  • It's a calling and I love it . It's demanding at times fast paced ...would never do anything else
  • Olinger, you'll always be one of us. Injured or not. I for one will always be here for support. You can always contact me to talk. Shoot me an email anytime. We'll exchange contact info.
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  • The Thin Blue Line.... It's a lifestyle.
  • It's a calling and a passion. I wanted to be a cop ever since I was 16. So, almost 35 years later, after having 2 spinal fusions due to my Army service, I went to the Academy on my own nickel at the tender young age of 51. 59 now and loving it.
  • It's definitely a passion!
  • I LOVE The Thin Blue Line!!!!
  • It's nice to so so much support for The Thin Blue Line.
  • Amen to that Lynn!!!
  • I love you guys - LEO's. Always, be safe!!!
  • @Carl How you doing buddy!!!
  • From everyrhing I am reading here, no one has heard of Hunting4heros. it is a not-for-profit that takes officers injuried and cannot return to work hunting and fishing. it is based out of Missouri, however they are wanting to expland, and always need help.
  • If I wasn't disabolity retired, I wouls still be working at 55!
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  • It's nice to see all the fellow TBL members!
  • Good to see you too Robert!
  • Can't see myself doing anything else. Being a LEO is every bit as much of a calling as the clergy. If it is in your blood there is nothing else that you can substitute that will fill that need. I seriously wonder what I will do when I retire. There will be a void in my life.
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