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I have a Thin Blue Line on the back of my truck because I support the law enforcement community as well as all first responders. My family has a history of service as well as supporting our communities including the laying their lives on the line for others. However, law enforcement is winning the hearts and minds or friends on FaceBook with the posting of some of the recent controversial fodder I've seen on the Thin Blue Line's FaceBook page. What I'm specifically referring to are the FaceBook postings of End of Watch's Officer Taylor pointing his sexy Glock 22 in the face of a driver. I know how great it likely feels to have that charge of lightening in a time like this. And, I know how bad ass that particular pistol actually feels and shoots (like butter). However, there is already way too much public concern for the over-reaching arm of the law and the history of the few bad cops that have fueled these civilian fears. I would highly recommend taking a different stance on presenting the side of the law most don't on a daily basis. I just can't "share" some of the posts I would like since my FB friends, of which some are liberal, just would shake their heads and think "Just as I thought".

I would plead that the Thin Blue Line consider a new focus on and new campaign of "Serve and Protect" by posting all the real good our law enforcement community stands for. I would like to suggest holding off on the cheers when anther is put to death. Even thought there is great relief when a cop killer get what's due in the end, cheering out loud drives that wedge between us and them. Don't get me wrong, I love End of Watch and despise the filth you men and women of the law deal with daily. Because you deal with it, I can rest knowing you have my back. Let's just think about all those other civilians out there who are are always looking for a toe hold to lash back at those who put their lives on the line daily for the liberties and freedom.
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