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Respect for military Police?

I'm currently a federal police officer working with the department of the navy, I find the lack of respect from the county deputy sheriffs really ignorant. I do have my state and federal standers probably more academy's (schools) then most of them. What's the general consensus about military police?


  • I think they are a little jealous due to the amount of work they do and the pay they receive compared to you.
  • Being ex-Army, I'll give MPs a pass if I can. That includes DoD Police. Most all LE types will get a pass from me. I draw the line at TSA though. Had one try to pass as a 'police' officer when I could tell he worked the screening line. Sorry, no dice.
  • We may wear different color uniforms but we all have blue running in our veins.. This is my opinion. If you carry a gun on duty, you are the same to me.
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    This is and issues many Civilian LEO's could really keep it simple. Every cop has a jurisdiction and beyond that you have no law enforcement authority. The UCMJ military law is enforced by military police. They have an extremely dangerous job patroling the area in foreign countries. Most patrol office doesn’t get and RPG, CAR Bomb or AKA 47 fired at them. I have been both military and civilian police, so I have felt the prejudice from local civilian cops telling me I’m not the police. Consider what you Law Enforcement job would look like if the WW II Combat veterans did not defeat the Axis Powers of Germany, Japan and Italy. I’m not going to change anyone’s mind is made up and frame the Military police and our Combat Veterans as not have a role in servicing and protecting. Let US Never Forget How We Maintain A Free American. Respectfully Major Navarro ,USAF, ret., Former Civilian LEO.
  • Thank you for your service, Major!

    Former SSG(P)
  • As a Cop in the Air Force, we get very little recognition as being LEOs. We do not just enforce the Uniform Code of Military Justice. We enforce State laws as well as Federal Laws. The only drawback is we are confined to enforcing them on the base. (Which is no different than any other jurisdiction. As an active duty Cop and a Deputy Sheriff, there is no difference in what I do inside the fence and what I do outside the fence. Then you have those who say "Nothing serious ever happens on the base" To that I say, come ride with me on a payday weekend and see the domestics, DUIs, Drugs, etc. Ok rant over. WE ALL BLEED BLUE! Some men become friends and others become a member of a brotherhood. God bless the blue liners. Watch your six and Merry Christmas brothers and sisters of the badge. Witchdoctor-OUT!
  • When I was in the Army a buddy of mine and I were out driving. We were speeding, as 20-year-old lower enlisteds are want to do and we were pulled over right in front of our barracks. We thought for speeding as we were doing somewhere in the neighborhood of Warp 3. We were taken completely by surprise when the MP got out of his cruiser with a shotgun pointed at us and ordered us out of the car with our hands on our heads. Apparently, someone had just pulled an armed robbery at the PX in the same make and model car we were driving. Once the MP figured out we were just dumbass privates driving too fast, he let us go and didn't cite us for the speed. Moral of the story is, heavy crimes do go down even on a military installation
  • I believe MP's deserve the same exact amount of respect as the cop on the street. They serve and protect their base, their patrol area. They enforce the laws, write tickets, break up fights and they get shot at too. Some people tend to think of MP's as just glorified security guards with no 'real' power- which is not at all true. The Thin Blue Line encircles them as well as local Law Enforcement. God bless the protectors- from the street cop to the cop on the front lines. Some of my friends are MP's and I sure as heck respect them for what they do. I'm not quite in Law Enforcement yet (Criminal Justice LE student) but when I do get there, MP or City PD- I will not discriminate between my brothers and sisters in blue. We all serve and protect- equally. And that, is all that I believe matters.

    ~Pvt. Callahan
  • I went to post with a mp from louisiana he was one of the greatest guys i have ever trained with. b-rob is getting ready to due a another tour in middle east he has my respect. everyone say a prayer he is a here a hero, and a leo. mp's have my respect.
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