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Career Goal

What is everyone's career goal?


  • What is yours? I have plenty. One is to finish my Associates in Criminal Justice. In which I will be done hopefully May 2013. I been accepted to a University, I start January 2013,so My next goal is to finish my BA in Criminal Justice and minor is psych. I will like to start off at a local pd and move up, as a detective, etc. :)
  • I have my associates. I hope to become a detective in our vice/narcotics unit within my tenth year. I'm currently a team leader for the Tactical Entry on the Special Response Team and I'm on the State WMD Team. I one day hope to obtain the rank of lieutenant.
  • Retire in one piece and enjoy a long retirement. Hope to make sgt and then see from there...been on street crimes unit and am currently a detective....but still number 1 is retire in one pice.
  • Wanna work gang unit in East St. Louis and metro swat
  • Would like to start in a local p.d. then move my way up. If i'm lucky get on SWAT work narcotics, possibly go state, come home in one piece to my family every night and also retire in one piece.
  • K-9 , swat .....and one day srgt ....
  • I don't mean to sound sexist, but are girls allowed to join SWAT?
  • Lol its rare but yeah
  • edited 10 Feb 2013
    Get on with raleigh pd, street patrol, color guard for the dept, K-9, i'm a female thats sure gonna try for SRT!
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  • @glock_girl, well that's cool. I've never seen a female SWAT officer, except in the movie lol. Good luck to you!
  • To retire someday and know that somewhere along the way I made the right impression on the people I worked with as a patrolman and as a supervisor.
  • Thanks ltc ... yeah I heard they have a great pd there !
  • Thanks wil ! Be safe out there
  • We've had a couple of female SWAT but its rare. One girl I worked with used to be a pro basketball player. She's not SWAT but rather on our violent criminal apprehension team and tough as nails.
  • Thats awesome ....I mean men are stronger. And can do things woman cant for the most part its how we are built .....but you get a few woman that can hang with the best of them !!!
  • I would like to do investigations. Current department does not have an investigative unit, so become the senior officer/supervisor/chief would be nice. Not hard right now since there are only two of us, neither with rank.
  • @shadow903 that's funny cause the pd for the town I live in is a department of 1. I wonder how many small ones are out there.
  • In my state we have 4 or 5 depts with less than 8 sworn officers
  • Hope to be in SWAT, K-9, Gang unit and Narcotics unit soon
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  • I'm planning to finish my associates in CJ and then go to university where I'd like to major in business management. If I cant do that then I will major in public safety administration and minor in business management.

    I will then start applying to numerous different departments and hope I get what I get. If I don't find anything within two years of just sitting at home on my butt, I'll enlist in the marines.

    thats my 5-7 year plan
  • I intend to finish my AAS in Criminal Justice and then get my Bachelor's Degree from either UCCS or CTU. I'm planning on getting aboard with the sheriff's office and eventually working my way up to the investigations division. I figure I'll put my 25 or so years in and then retire and enjoy life.
  • Maybe Chief..Was K9 and now Im a Sgt..
  • Thats awesome ....I mean men are stronger. And can do things woman cant for the most part its how we are built .....but you get a few woman that can hang with the best of them !!!
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