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Police Officers save would be jumper.


SEATTLE -- Newly released footage shows Seattle police officers saving a man who tried to leap off an overpass to a busy interstate below.

A number of officers were called to the Pike Street overpass just east of the Seattle Convention Center in the early hours of July 8. They'd received reports of a suicidal man, and when they arrived they found a man standing near the railing, according to police.

The officers spoke with the man for roughly five minutes while trying to determine if he'd called 911. As they were talking, the man suddenly tried to jump over the railing.

An officer reached out and grabbed the man before he fell. That officer and several others then pulled the man to safety.

"Officers are not trained to do this due to the inherent risk of being injured themselves," police said in a news release.

Police referred the man to a local hospital for assessment.

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