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Out of the Academy... On to the Career! Advice?

I started on this site forever ago, and just now got back to it!

I just finished the academy, was president of my class and I got picked up by a medium sized city agency on the beach in FL. It's close by, I consider myself so lucky. I'm so excited to start I can hardly contain myself! :D

Any advice on going into FTO?


  • Oh wow,,,congratulations. you have all day?
    Wold be simpler for you to ask questions. ..
    Actually feel free to ask me anything.....
    I was a patrol officer with a mid size dept here in middle Ga for seven yrs, with the state for a while and with a federal agency for a few years. This city had 300 officers and around 100,000 population. We rode alone also....I was the first female to join Traffic and ride the biggest HarleyDavidson made......
    All that was to qualify myself to answer your questions.
    My email is
    if you really have any personal inquiries.

    First advice.....Don't flirt with male officers or date any...not the first year anyway.....not until you have established yourself as a full fledged cop who is there to STAY...
    2. Don't be afraid to ask questions, jump on in and volunteer for calls, and handle them.
    3. Always treat all citizens with respect. ...even homeless downtrodden wineos......yes sir and no sir. ....
    4. Don't ever use foul language and don't allow the other officers to use 4 letter words in front of you. Ask them and they will comply.
    Respect is what you are after .....
    TO be continued. ....
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