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Officer Britt Sweeney describes Tim Brenton ambush.


SEATTLE -- Seattle Police Officer Britt Sweeney was on just her second night of training with her partner Tim Brenton. A few minutes after a routine traffic stop her voice was captured on her cruiser's dashboard camera screaming that someone had just ambushed them.

In testimony against the accused killer Wednesday, her voice trembled with sadness.

"The next thing I remember was a bright muzzle flash, a very loud noise and the smell of gunpowder. So fierce," Sweeney said, choking back tears.

In just a matter of seconds, Tim Brenton lay dead with four bullets in his head.

"When I turned and ducked down, with every shot that went off, I just remember clenching my eyes even tighter shut," said Sweeney.

In the chaos, the rookie cop didn't realize her partner had been hit. Dash-cam video shows her jumping out of the car to return fire.

"I was not focused on Tim," she said. "I was focused on surviving."

As cops from across Seattle sped to the scene, several of them captured what prosecutors said was Christopher Monfort's car on their dashboard cameras. Meantime, Sweeney took cover.

"I didn't know where this person came from, who was involved, what was involved. I believed I was being hunted and had to protect myself," she said.

Sweeney returned to the patrol car to regroup with her partner.

"And I looked through the windshield of the vehicle and I saw that Tim was dead."

Throughout Sweeney's testimony, Monfort sat silent and emotionless. Sweeny said it wasn't until help arrived that she realized one of Monfort's bullets had grazed her head.

In a lighter moment of testimony Wednesday, if you can call it that, she described what was going through her mind at that point.

"I quit," she said, barely breaking a smile.

Sweeney did not quit. Five years after the attack she is still on the force, a bicycle cop. She has also gotten married. Her legal name now is Britt Kelly, but she says she still answers to Sweeney.

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