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Bledsoe County detective's body found in field


UPDATE: The Bledsoe County Sheriffs office has confirmed that the body found Tuesday is that of Detective Ricky Seals.

Seals has been with the department for decades.

The investigation is being handed off to the TBI, since the death is considered to be “too personal” for Bledsoe County Sheriff's Office to investigate.

An active search is underway for suspects.

The crime scene is located on property known as the Greeson Farm. The 300 acres have been on the real estate market for about six months.

The owners, who live out of state, were not home at the time of the incident.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Bledsoe County Sheriff's Office are investigating a body found near Slaughterhouse Road in Pikeville.

Details are few as the investigation begins to unfold.

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