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Press hard, five copy's

Howdy, I'm a police officer in the northeast Georgia mountains. Im not a major traffic natzi, but I like to write tickets to people that need em. I personally believe that if you show the driver of the vehicle you stopped respect (while still being safe) then you have a much more co-operative driver. It works for me, how about you guys and girls? Has a driver ever made you loose your temper? Luckily that has never happened to me, I just smile and say "press hard, five copy's" ;)


  • ncea314 member? that started in vila rica years ago. narcotics cpt was shot and killed. i might be moving down that way in a few years.
  • I'm right there with ya. Not much on handing out the hard copies unless they "earn" it! There have been a few occasions where they where have managed to get under my skin though.
  • I'm not a member lol, that's a common joke around here lol, and I love it here in the mountains, I'm looking to move departments, but gonna stay in this area
  • And I'm glad somebody agrees indigo_creed!
  • Being professional and courteous (and respectful) is not only a good thing to do, it can be an officer safety issue. The number one thing that can get a cop shot during a traffic stop is their mouth. There are more and more nut cases out there.

    I've had quite a few get under my skin, but I would like to think that I'm professional enough to not lose it with them (and it has happened a few times - I'm certainly not perfect!).

    Stopped a couple for 48 in a 30, male was driving, and his wife was the passenger. Told him he would be getting a citation and they both went off on me. Kinda like the classic truck scene :) I put up with about 2-3 minutes of that and finally said in a polite but stern voice 'Finished? Good. Now, ma'am, you have no involvement in this. If I hear one more word from you, you will be charged with interference and I will arrest you. Nod your head yes if you agree (she did). Now, sir, you are being cited. I will not get into a roadside debate with you. The instructions are on the back of your copy. It is your choice whether or not to sign it. But it is still a valid citation regardless of what you think. You fail to either pay it or come to court, you will no longer be allowed to drive in Colorado. It is your choice. If you want a court appearance, that is your right and I respect it. Be advised, however, the audio and video recording I've made of this contact WILL be entered into evidence. That being said, I'm asking you to sign right here.'

    He signed, I handed them my business card and advised them if they had any comments, complaints, or concerns, call the number on the card. He and his wife didn't say another word the entire time.
  • being respectful has typically worked most of the time but a few times it has not. I usually give drivers a reduced violation but the ones that get under my skin tend to get the full violation, sometimes 2 or 3 citations.
  • Dang good example mountain cop
  • Thank you, sir!
  • When I was a young guy, I was stopped by State Trooper 2 miles east of Appomattox VA, which is the 3rd Division HQ for the VSP. It was late at night, I was the only one on the road and I was tired. I was in between depts and had been working security to pay bills. I came down a LOOONG hill, saw the Trooper sitting on the side of the road and saw his lights come on. I pulled right over, turned on my interior lights, had my docs ready, etc. He was a jerk. He acted as though i had impugned his masculinity by coming thru his RADAR the way I did. After he practically spit on me telling me he was going to issue me a summons, he came back and handed me his clipboard and said "You were a police officer before? "Yes" I said "Well I guess you know what to do with this." I have to tell ya, many thoughts ran thru my mind before I just said yeah and signed it.

    The way he treated me was inexcusable. I remembered that.

    I was, for all intents and purposes the Traffic Division, by choice. Traffic "was my bag baby". I worked in a smaller town 6.6 sq miles, 6000 people, about 25 sworn members. On a given court date, I usually out wrote most of the Troopers (in VA we don't have Highway Patrol). Having said that, my rationale for speeding was 15 over in 25 zones (except school zones) and 10 over in everything else. If I stopped you, 98% probability was you would get a summons. I was not a dick about it, I just felt that to randomly give breaks here and there was unfair. That being said, I received VERY few complaints. My philosophy (and what I taught to cadets at the Academy) was to treat every violator as you would want another officer to treat your mother.

    Start like that and rarely have problems. Also, I would NEVER argue the case on the hwy. I would say pretty much this every time -> "Well sir/ma'am, if you feel there is something wrong, of if you have an issue with this charge, come on to court. I will tell my side and you can tell your side and the judge will make the decision." I would then tell them to have a nice day, drive safely and I would turn around and walk away.

    There is no excuse for bad manners or lack of professionalism.

  • I love the ones that argue and scream even after they get a brake on mutiple violations
    and you get to see them in court and the Judge hears the whole story and just puts them where they belong. i used to have perfect teeth but after so many years of GRINDING them they are all jagged. But yes professionalism ALWAYS.1
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  • >>Having said that, my rationale for speeding was 15 over in 25 zones (except school zones) and 10 over in everything else.<<

    Is this correct? Sounds like it should be the opposite. The reason I ask is the 25 zones are generally residential areas where children are more likely to be playing. Just seems to me like that's where you should be more strict not less
  • I simply don't care enough to let someone get under my skin. Make yourself look like an idiot, go ahead. But you won't be getting a reaction from me. Unless you force me to.

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