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Mother says Oklahoma City police officer helped save son’s life

8 / 14 / 2015

OKLAHOMA CITY – A 3-year-old boy is home safe thanks in part to the heroic actions of Oklahoma City Officer Steven Cholity.

Thursday night, the little boy nearly drowned in a backyard pool in the 3300 block of N.W. 36th St.

“He’s here. I’m just so glad he’s alive,” the victim’s mother, Perla Martinez, said.

Martinez says she was standing nearby when her son, Issac, jumped into the pool.

“He was so proud that he could jump with the noodle and could put his head under water,” Martinez said. “All of a sudden, you know, when we turned around, my husband saw him and he was just laying in the water, floating.”

Her husband jumped in and grabbed Issac, who was not breathing.

“I was very hysterical. I was screaming. I went in shock. I couldn’t find my phone and I just went blank,” Martinez said.

She managed to find her phone and dial 911 while her friend began CPR.

Seconds later, Oklahoma City Police Officer Cholity showed up.

“When I saw him laying there on the ground, you know, and I saw the neighborhood friend who was administering CPR, I was like, ‘Oh man this is serious,” Officer Cholity said.

That is when he took over.

“Administered about three rounds, or three compressions of CPR,” Cholity said.

At that moment, Issac’s parents really began fearing the worst.

“He was blue and his eyes were rolling up and I thought he was gone,” Martinez said.

After several long minutes with no signs of life, they heard a cough and then a cry.

“Everybody looks at crying as if it’s a negative thing. When I heard him cry, it was amazing,” Officer Cholity said.

“It’s a miracle. It’s really a miracle,” Martinez said.

The Martinez family thanks their friend and Officer Cholity for saving their son’s life.

“Time was very critical and the outcome is great because he’s here,” Martinez said.

“Just doing my job, but instances like this with a good outcome, as such, that really make me proud to be a police officer,” Officer Cholity smiled.

Cholity has been a police officer for four years, but prior to working for the Oklahoma City Police Department, he worked for EMSA.

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