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Officer Dies trying to save friend from drowning.

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8 / 14 / 2015
A Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department deputy has died while trying to save a friend in Lake Tahoe. He was identified as Carlos Francies by the department, and he lived in Natomas.

Francies was off-duty, kayaking and paddleboarding with friends and family. One of his friends was swimming in the water after his kayak, and was dragging a paddle behind him. South Lake Tahoe Police said it may have appeared his friend was struggling to swim because of this paddle.

Francies jumped in to help his friend, who he thought was struggling, but after a distance began having trouble himself. He called to his girlfriend to throw him a life jacket. She was forced to throw against the strong 40 mph winds, and when she was unable to get him the jacket she jumped in to swim over to him.

By the time she reached Francies, he had become unconscious. She and another unidentified person were able to get Francies to shallower water and stand up. Medics were on shore to take him to the hospital, where he died.

South Lake Tahoe Police believe Francies was acting heroically when he jumped in to save his friend who he believed to be drowning.

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