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Lady Walks Into CO Police Station, Requests Hug from Officer


An officer at a police station in Arvada, Colorado, was the recipient of a small but heartfelt act of kindness by a local resident on Monday.

A woman picked up a dispatch phone in the lobby of the Lake Arbor police station and explained that she was extremely upset about the recent loss of so many officers across the country, according to a post on the Arvada Police Department’s Facebook page.
She then asked if she could give an officer a hug, the post stated.

The lucky recipient was 20-year veteran Officer Chris Steiner.

“While a bit of a reach because of his size, she managed to get ahold of him and hugged him great; not once but twice!!!!,” the department stated in the post.

“Well, it feels good,” Steiner later told Denver TV station KMGH. “Again, you know, these are the people we’re out here to serve and protect every day.”

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