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Woman attacks officer with bayonet.


MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. —A Mountain Brook woman is in custody after police say she slashed an officer with a bayonet Tuesday morning.

Mountain Brook police said a patrol officer found an 85-year-old woman walking on Brookwood Road. After speaking with her, the officer called for backup and went to the woman's home in the 3200 block of East Briar Cliff Road.

Police Chief Ted Cook says while searching the home, an officer was attacked by a woman with a bayonet who had been hiding under blankets.

Cook said the woman swung the blade at the officer's head. However, he was only cut in the forearm and will be OK after getting stitches.

The suspect was taken into custody, but hasn't been charged.

Police say she is related to the 85-year-old woman found walking in the street, but won't elaborate on the relationship. Cook says it is possible the elderly woman may have been a victim of domestic abuse.

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