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Thoughts and Prayers needed

I am reaching out to all of my LEO friends and asking that they share this with their fellow LEOs and help spread tAhe word.

My younger brother, Jake, was involved in a serious, single car accident on the morning of September 5th, and has been in critical condition, in ICU since the accident. Jake recently became a Missouri Department of Corrections Officer in February of this year and has been assigned to the Crossroads Correctional Center; in Cameron, Mo since. He is 21 and is very eager to become more involved within the profession. He has aspirations of joining the prison’s SRT team and/ or becoming a K-9 handler. Jake is also attending classes at Western Missouri State University and plans on attending the POST academy towards the end of his degree, if not sponsored by an agency. Needless to say Jake is very excited about his future within the LEO community.

As I mentioned before, Jake was involved in a single car accident while driving home after duty on Saturday morning, and remains in ICU at a local hospital since. He suffered a 5-6” laceration on his forehead, as well as several other lacerations and trauma to his left arm. Due to the accident he has limited speech ability and at this time does not have sight in his left eye. A recent MRI shows that Jake has swelling in his frontal lobe, a tear on his brain stem, and seven (7) spots that are bleeding into his skull. It also showed blood pooling behind his left eye, which is causing the blindness in that eye. Due to the brain trauma Jake’s overall communication is very limited, as well as his ability to complete daily tasks. With assistance, he is now able to feed and dress himself, but he will need several months of neuro-thearpy, with the hope of a 100% recovery.

As you can imagine, his treatment has already been very expensive, and the road to full recovery will be long and costly. Unfortunately Jake’s medical insurance was not active at the time of the accident, leaving the financial burden on him and our family. I am reaching out to the LEO community for their support. I am asking anyone behind a badge to show support for Jake, in their own way. We are asking for prayer/ positive thought for a full and speedy recovery. At the bottom I will attach a link to his facebook page where people can share their support and stay up to date on his progress. We have also set up a “Gofundme” account to help ease the financial strain, so we can all focus on his recovery. I will also include a link to the “Gofundme” account and my personal contact information, if anyone would like to contact me directly.

My contact info:
Charles Buckallew
(816) 721-6480

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