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I am a RETIRED Dallas (Texas) Police Department Detective. I grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and left when inducted into the U.S. Army in 1966 after being married for two days.

Still married 46 years later. Joined the Dallas Police Department in 1968 upon discharge from active duty and retired after 32 years service.

Most of my career was spent in the Traffic Division, radar enforcement, then freeway patrol, then accident investigator and the last 23 years as a Detective assigned to the Vehicle Crimes Unit where I mostly did the at scene and followup investigations of fatal automobile accidents, including the prosecution of Felony Hit and Run (known as Failure to Stop and Render Aid in Texas), Involuntary Manslaughter, Intoxication Manslaughter and Intoxication Assault (cause serious bodily injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident where intoxication was a contributing factor) cases.

Taught Advanced Accident Investigation and Accident Reconstruction at the Regional Police Academy, Arlington, Texas, Dallas Police Department Academy and at the Southwest Legal Foundation at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Interests are history, digital photography and historical research.


  • That's quite a career, hope I make a career as full as that. Cheers!
  • Wow! Tanner is right, that is quite a career.
  • That's an impressive career. Makes me want to work harder in mine.
  • I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer from the Coastal North Carolina area with 23 years in service. With seventeen years as a Marine, I was ask to join a small coastal NC department as a part time officer. Part time due to still being in the Marines. I did both for four and a half years, Ten days before retiring with 21 years of service in the Marines I went full time in the Cape Carteret Police Department. After six months of being with the department I went to the Carteret County Sheriff's Office, five and a half years later I returned the the Cape Carteret Police Department were I became the Investigator, then Chief. I left the department thinking I was done with Law Enforcement, but was I wrong. I joined the Belhaven Police Department as a Lt. and also became the Chief there. I was always taught to do your job and do it the best you can, so I have all my life. But I am here to tell you, you can't beat city hall. After an election of the mayor and town commissioners, the Town Manager was terminated, then came myself and my Lt. We just did not see eye to eye on what laws to enforce and what laws to not enforce. I took an oath to uphold ALL laws. After many months looking for another job I decided to retire. While in Law Enforcement I did a bit of everything such as part time officer as a Patrolman, K-9 Officer, Deputy, Investigator, Lt. and Chief at two departments, as well as Instructor for the BLET Program. In all those years both as a Marine and in Law Enforcement, I had seen a lot of stuff and been involved in a lot of stuff, but that's history now. I was and am always proud of doing my duty, what ever it was.
  • 2 years as reserve at my first department. 2 more years at my 2nd department, full time. 24 years, 10 months and 2 days at my last department (small town). Worked every position from patrol to 11 years as Chief. Dismissed by new council and mayor without reason. Now going to work for another local agency part time.
  • I am a retired Police Officer from Buffalo, New York. Worked most of my career in Patrol, also taught the DARE and GREAT programs, worked with the Buffalo Public Schools as a "truant officer" we worked along with the attendance teachers from various schools, we were known as the AIM (attendance intervention module) Team. I was also a certified police instructor and a certified RADAR officer. After 26 years I had to retire due to on the job MVA (got T-boned while answering a fight call with lights and sirens).
  • I am not retired but not working. A long story very short I was doing DUI enforcement for a small town PD when my other half of 10 and a half years (not married) and the mother of our daughter who was also a Police Officer was hit and killed by a drunk while responding to a call in 2004. We have a now 12 year old who does not want me to return but man i miss it.
  • Not a sworn officer but am a reserve officer and a community service officer. I wear a uniform, carry a badge but no firearm. Too old to be a "real" cop, but love what I do!
  • Retired after 35 years with a large metro Atlanta Police Agency. Worked both in Uniform and CID (10 yrs.). Swat team commander for 5 yrs. Retired this past May as a Lt. So far I miss the people, not the job. Police work has changed a lot in the last 35 yrs. and I was still old school. I still carried my mag light even working the day shift. Never had a need for OC spray or a Taser, just the mag light for me thank you.
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    @ Dallascop2566, Hello from Lawton Oklahoma. 17 yrs on the job here! Very impressive career ya had. Presently working sex crimes here at the S.O.
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    I spent 24 years on a local Sheriff's Office in GA. I was a road patrol Sgt. for 18 years and was a Crisis Negotiator. I miss that the most. I left there to take a job at a small local college, where I am currently serving as Chief.
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