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How long would you?

I am currently working a case, where a woman was abused by her boyfriend. She pressed charges right away and has been cooperating with law enforcement. Her boyfriend was arrested and brought up on 3rd Degree assault, false imprisonment, and domestic violence.. The courts only help up the false imprisonment charge and issued a 72 hour restraining order. The abuser was let out of jail on bond and within 15 minutes of his release he was back at the R.P.'s house in violation of the restraining order. She had a friend call the police because she couldn't get to the phone. We responded and he ran, we apprehended him in the back yard and took him back to jail. Now the courts have ordered him to stay away from his girlfriend, her children, her work, the children's school and their home. He then violates the restraining order one more time by going to the children's school when he knew the mother wouldn't be there. There was a No Bond Warrant issued for his arrest and we have since been unable to locate him. He also has a suspended license but we believe he is driving anyway. How long would you pursue him on this no bond warrant? It has been a week and we have been unable to locate him.


  • As long as you are able to devote resources to the case without catching too much flack from your superiors.
  • Until you locate him. He will show face soon, these types are to crazy to stay away to long. He is on a mission to hurt her, your not gonna interfere. Well atleast that's what he thinks! Be safe and good luck!
  • Cases like this end up with a tragic ending most often and getting the violator into custody in my mind would be of the up most importance.

    I have noticed law enforcement in this area (Dallas, Texas) are using the news media more often in these type cases. Number one it helps locate the offender and number 2, it seems to have an effect on what a Judge does from that point on when the offender is taken into custody.
  • I agree that news media does have an effect.
  • How would you utilize the media in a small town/county? Local newspapers?
  • Contact a reporter, have them initiate an interview with the Court involved, most often an Assistant Prosecutor and let them release what information they want released. A mug shot is considered open and public record, I would plead for the reporter to include this image in the story. Make it sound EXTREMELY INTERESTING to the reporter, " I got this repeat abuse and Protective Order violator I need to locate before something serious occurs" type approach. It is amazing the power of the press, it can even work in law enforcements favor once in a while. Have used them to locate and apprehend many that I have filed on and were difficult to locate.
  • I'm sure your local newspaper would like to help, contact them.
  • Thanks Dallas, that is an excellent idea!
  • The local news channel can't be that busy, if as you say it's a small town. Get his mug shot out there, box him in. He won't have anywhere to go. Let the public work for you. They are a wonderful resource, they want to help! You might(most likely)be saving this mother's and her children's lives. Good luck.
  • If it were me, as long as I'm not tied up on a call, I would continue to look for him. I'd also check with other officers (other agencies) and see if they know anything about him. Get a couple officers to help you out in this ordeal and make him a "project". I'd show his mugshot to as many gas stations and convenience stores as possible as well.

    This guy definitely needs to be taken into custody ASAP.
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  • Pursue him as long as you can, or until he's caught. This is not your average domestic dispute. This guy does not get it. Your efforts may save this woman's life.
  • If your agency has a PIO, go to them with the information and they will be glad to help you. Often there is a TV station that does 'Most Wanted' or 'Crimestoppers' bits. See if you can get them interested. I agree, make him a project! Put enough heat on his cohorts, and they will turn him in to get out of your crosshairs....
  • You should continue to look for him till he is found. Does your agency have a warrants unit? Talk to those guys so they can work with you on finding him. From what you have said about him it doesn't sound like he will just stop contacting her. Did he get bonded out prior by a bonding comp? Contact them. Contact his family, friends, employer, etc. The county I live in has a small paper that contains nothing but mugshots, maybe yours has something similar?
    I work for my local SO in the warrants unit. My guys use every means available to them to find these losers. He may fly under the radar for awhile but at some point he'll slip up. Hopefully it won't be too late for the victim or her children.
  • Well thank you all for your input. The suspect was arrested today in a different county. I am unsure of the circumstances surrounding his arrest but he was taken into custody for two warrants one from the county that arrested him for failure to appear and again for the violation of the protection order. I was told today that he will be transported to the county that issued his No bond, later tomorrow afternoon. I will keep all your advice for next time, unfortunately there will be a next time, maybe not with this case but with someone else.
  • That's good to hear, glad they got that scumbag.
  • We publish a mugshot newspaper in Eastern North Carolina and have problems getting public information from some Sheriff departments. For example: we have had a lot of success with readers calling in to report current locations of the individuals we have featured wanted for outstanding child support warrants. Even though this is public record in NC, some Sheriffs will not send us pics. Seems to me we are making their jobs easier by putting these peoples faces in front of 1000's of readers. What are your thoughts on this?
  • As long as it takes. Sounds like he may try something really stupid..
  • I long as it takes. Make him and what he is doing "famous" in your area so the public is motivated to not let something terrible happen to his victim. More eyes help. Doesn't sound like it will be long before he violates if he couldn't hold of beyond 15 min's after his last release. He's not far from her and you'll most likely find him close by. Good safe.
  • Good to hear this one worked out so far RedBull...sorry I missed reading your post before I gave my 2 cents. I skipped down to the bottom.
  • I would never give up, we are a department of three for 1000 sq miles we do everthing so I never give up looking for someone who has a warrant.
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  • Been there, done that! kept looking for him till I caughht him with the help of our local cable company and local tv station.
  • edited 23 Nov 2012
    I am not sure what a no bond warrant is.... but do you have any DV help agencies that can house the aggrieved and children in a shelter until he is located. The police dept I work for has its own facebook page, it has over 250,000 likes and is used extensively to locate missing people and wanted persons as well as emergency broadcasts and traffic crashes

  • A no bond warrant means he can't try to bond out of jail, he has to stay there until the court let's him out. I know he had court today for the failure to appear but he is still in jail for the DV and violation. The court date is set for the 28th I believe. We are a very small county and there aren't many resources here. I know she was staying at a hotel that she paid for herself and is now hiding out somewhere else. She called and asked me how long he could be in jail for the DV and violation of the restraining order but I am not sure. She said she was scared he was going to be released on his court date.
  • as long as it takes he should be in jail
  • Until he is in Jail!
  • Send out a BOLO to your department and surrounding departments. Most likely he's in the area, couch surfing with friends or family and he will eventually turn up. Find out who his friends are, where they live, and what they drive. Just make sure any agencies helping know any and all pertinent officer safety info about the subject so they stay safe if they do run into him. Good luck!
  • top priority outside of cfs. his pic, veh description and address would be in my clip board of daily duties. driving from point a to b but still looking for him. (bolo) if you want him bad enough, you will come across him eventually lol
  • until you can find've no other choice.
  • Some officers need to do some off duty paid time to catch this creep before he offs her and who knows who else. It is only a matter of time until she become another victim of the system. He should have never been let out on the first time. Frustrating that officers can do their job but down the line the ball gets drop and you have another domestic violence homicide victim on your hands. Go luck and hope you catch him, take the long way to jail if you get my drift.
  • Take a mugshot to the neighbors and ask them to report the possible vehicle he would be using. if said car or person shows up in her drive way or street ask the neighbors to report it as a suspicious vehicle and or person at a residents. After a whole block or two I am sure when he does show up you would be responding to a neighbor as the RP if not responding to the Women / Victim.
    Persons like this will appear again, best advice have a non marked car drive by now and then to be proactive.
    Good luck to you Sir in your pursuit most of all Stay SAFE.
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  • My department has started to use Facebook as a tool to catch fugitives. Its surprising how much the public likes to help catch the bad guys.
  • In the future, try his social media pages as well as the victims. Smart phones geotag his location (if he doesn't turn it off) when he posts. I know officers and departments that use accounts set up and add these scroat bags. They add anyone, eagle Italy the younger generation.
  • Facebook is an EXCELLENT tool to use. I know I have used it to locate people and some of their aquantances. Maybe try that out. But as to how long I would pursue? Hmmm... As long as it takes because some hardheaded people need to be taught a little sooner than
  • You can always put a patrol check on the books, that covers you for a longer period of time. You can only hope he is seen and then caught for another offense. There is a new website (new to me), it is call He may be on that and she can show the judge (another judge) his pattern. I agree, this does not sound like a happy ending for the victim. I have helped my officers work some cases and often, they used my ideas. I worked with more detectives than I can count and they also let me talk with them about cases. I am on a few dating sites mostly to watch for our bad guys. You keep yourself and yours safe. You will get him. They always slip up. ***Finally, without going into details, this lady is now divorcing her husband, she went into the female shelter for a few days and it helped her case with the judge. Maybe your victim can do this for three days to show the judge her true fear. Be safe always.
  • During my current extended overseas vacation, I'm seeing that social media is very useful in apprehending these types of clowns. The police here use it, a lot. They get good feedback and I've seen no less than a dozen or so captures directly related to social media outlets. If your department doesn't have one, talk to someone and get it done.
  • Not knowing your agency size and budget/demands it's hard to say. What is the rest of your caseload. I can tell you that it my be worth an all out effort to find this guy because he is going to seriously injure or kill your victim and perhaps the children. He sounds a bit narcisistic so the social media angle suggested by so my of the family is a great place to go. Good luck and if you have not already, suggest the victim and children find a safe unk location til this is resolved.
  • The harder it is to catch them the better you feel when you do. Just don't give up and keep your eyes open. Good luck.
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