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Police Slang

What is your favorite Police slang to use?


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    Badge Bunny = Person looking to date a police officer.
  • Special kind of stupid..
  • Bat sh*t crazy
  • Ass Hat- A beligerant suspect, usually a hype or a deuce.

    Ooh, Hype- A drug addict

    Interesting bit of trivia: I just recently learned that the term 5-0 was derived from the television series Hawaii 5-0 (5-0 denoting Hawaii as the 50th state). I always thought the show was called Hawaii 5-0 because it was about cops.
  • skell, mutt, savage
  • I saw this on a license plate and thought is was funny, "1oh3m" 103m for mental. From the blue line stickers I think it was a police officer's personal vehicle, lol.
  • Red Neck Rampage or Redneck Ruckus.
  • DAWT- Dumb A** White Trash
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    DWHUA - Driving While Head Up Ass
    Felony Stupid
    Misdemeanor Dumbass
    BMI - Barking Moonbat Insane
  • Lot lizzard.....a truck stop hooker on meth.
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  • oxy moron
  • Oxymoron? I was one (military intelligence). Kinda like jumbo shrimp, stand fast, and airline food.
  • fender lizard- a female who likes cops
  • Can't forget FUBAR
  • POP=pissin off police
  • Grog - junky street rat
  • Adam-Henry (AH) - "Asshole" or, if questioned about your radio terminology by your Sgt., "Aggressive and Hostile".
  • I'm bringing in a "Juliet-Oscar" Translation: jerk off
  • Holster sniffers
  • @Gunsmoke, your department uses the military phonetic alphabet? In our area that would be a "John-Ocean"
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  • @wilavitt, you gotta remember, I'm retired. Last year I worked was 1997. So I still speak in!
  • Our dept just switched to military phoneic alphabet but I still use our "old alphabet" adam boy charles.. john ocean
  • I'm prior service military, so I grew up with that alphabet. Switching to the civilian, or police, phonetic alphabet was a chore. But you get used to it
  • Whiskey tango. - white trash
  • DWHUA - Driving While Head Up Ass.
  • DRT- Dead right there
  • A fender bender AKA snotknocker (an accident that will knock the snot out of you)
  • aggravated ignorance
  • N H I No Humans Involved

    misdemeanor murder
  • violation of the haberdashery act
    felonious gawking with intent to eyeball
    mopery in the third degree
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  • felony look back
  • I thought it was 'slow mopery with intent to gawk'. Or 'barnyard hibotany'.. :)
  • cause of accident: DWV- Driving With a Vagina
  • Super secret squirrel shit
  • JDLR -Just does not look right-
  • M.O.S.S. Mystic Order of Secret Stuff*. Usually detectives trying to be cute when you ask them a question "Can't tell you, you don't belong to MOSS"

    Po-Po; police. God I hate that one
    One speed land hog or Sea Pig; a really ugly hooker.
    Assault with a friendly weapon; Two people having consensual sex
    He-ing and she-ing; Some kind of sex act between consenting adults or teens trying to figure things out.
  • BMG - Blow me genitally.
  • A.I.S-- a term used for those who seem to always develop a medical condition when being placed in jail cell. Acute Incarceration Syndrome
  • Brasshole: almost all rank captain and above.
  • Damn skippy - I only let other cops use that one :)

    DWHUA - Driving While Head Up A**
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  • (o'l goldshoulderedness ) As used in a sentence - " Sir, with all due respect to your
    o'l goldshoulderedness, I humbly request the day off to attend my father's open heart surgery tommorow "......
  • lightning jockey: the poor uncomprehending soul that failed to understand that drawing the taser can be followed up with using the taser
  • Or the jackass who seems to think that once he's been hit with the tazer that he can't be hit with it again. Listen, buddy, as long as those electrodes are in you, I can do this all day
  • I just joined this group and I have a question. Is it appropriate to say "End of Watch" for when a retired police officer passes away? Thank you
  • I still say "End of Watch" when I'm talking about the end of my duty shift, which is where the term originally came from. I've had people tell me that's wrong and I shouldn't do that and I'm always like, "That's what it means!" You say EOW for a fallen officer because they've ended their service permenantly, instead of just for the shift. That said, a retired officer ended their service when they retired, so I don't know that it's all that appropriate, but on the other side of that coin, an officer is an officer forever, even after they've ended service. It's like being a soldier. I guess my opinion is, if you feel it's appropriate, that's all that matters. But in the strictest dictionary sense, EOW means an officer who has fallen while in the commission of his/her duties.
  • ok can someone tell me what the acronym OLB ( Ocean, Lincoln, Boy) stands for I heard a shift supervisor say it over the radio while describing an individual.
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    Onry loud and boisterous Adam Henry.
  • Holster Sniffer
  • Signal 16.....
    still use it....
    means demented person
  • We use 10-42 for EoW
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