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I am a co and would like to know what kind of boots are the best in your opinion. I have Rocky and have had them 4 years. I need a comfy pair that will last more than a couple months. I love my Rockys but was wondering if there is a better boot out there.


  • I'm not sure what the boots I wear are called but I got them at Walmart for $45. They're every bit as good as boots you would pay over $100 for. They look and feel like military jungle boots, they're extremely warm in the winter and waterproof. And when I saw waterproof I mean water TIGHT. I splash around in puddles, get my pants soaked and my socks stay bone dry. They also take a decent brush shine. For the money, they're the best boots you'll ever own.
  • Thank you ill have to check them out
  • Check out the Police/Tactical Line from Ecco.. I love mine...
  • The Walmart boots are called Herman Survivors. They come in suede tan and standard black leather
  • Danner Ft. Lewis.. Possibly the last boot you will ever buy. As long as you take care of the leather you can just keep getting them re-soled. I have two pair and it is all I wear.
  • Thank y'all so much... I will check them all out and see what works for me. Hope all of y'all are staying safe.
  • I wear a Navy waterproof jungle boot by Bates and I like them. I prefer the look of the Army jungle boot better but the Navy jungle boot is more waterproof. My two sets of spare boots are also Bates.
  • Thanks... Ill check them out
  • Bates and danner, bates are my main pair and danners are my back up. Make sure they are water proof! Oh and side zippers.
  • I wear Rocky "paratrooper" boots. They are woefully uncomfortable for the first couple weeks, but after that, they are the best boots I've ever worn. Even with a side zipper, they are water proof. They are a bit weird in construction though as they have that high gloss toe, and then normal leather so the toe always looks good, but the other part of the boot doesn't have the same shine. Doesn't look bad by any means, and it is usually covered up by your pants, but just something to consider.
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  • I wear Bates you can get them at a academy sport if one is near you. I have been wearing the same pair for 4 years and they are under 100 dollars
  • I wear Rockys and keep them highly polished. The polish keep the liquids off(fluids+matter). I double up on the insoles with short socks and a full size pair of socks that are flapped over the top of the boot for comfort. Ive rocked those boots in every incident without fail. Just sharing my thoughts. be safe all.
  • Think I'm gonna stick w my Rockys. :)
  • I have always liked rockys but this pair i have now have been awful! Im really up in the air on my next boot
  • I was a paratrooper in the military and I hated my jump boots. I only wore them with my Class A's. I wore jungle boots for everyday duty and my current boots are a jungle boot variant (waterproof with side zipppers). That's one annoying thing about the military is that side zipper boots are not authorized
  • I love my Bates. I even wear an old pair around for personal use!
  • My Bates feel like I am wearing tennis shoes, LOVE them!
  • you can never go wrong with Danners... & make sure there made in Oregon if go this Route.
  • I haven't worn boots in years, as I have the option of boots or dress shoes. If you have that option you might want to look at SAS shoes. It took me eight years to finally walk a pair of them out.
  • I know you posted this in December 2012, but figured I would put my 2 cents in... I love anything by Rocky and know Danner makes a damn good shoes/boots. I have worn Rocky but not as a C/O or LEO. I have Adidas GSG9 and love them. Did some research a few years back and picked these. Got them from Botach Tactical. Absolutely love these boots as I did my Rockys.
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  • Well funny thing is I haven't decided ok one yet! Been looking at everything everyone is posting. Ill check them out thank you. Stay save
  • I've had food luck with Original Swat Brand.
  • The new UnderArmors are AMAZING!
  • Wouldn't trade my han wag Alaska gtx for anything
  • I got Original SWATs, they work well for me
  • Anyone wear Corcoran Marauders? I am thinking of trying a pair for a summer boot.
  • Under Armour boots are sooooo dang comfy. They are the only pair I have bought and immediately wore for three 12-hour shifts on a weekend and not once complained Bout any foot pain. They are light and handle like a good tenny shoe.
  • I've worn them all, Original SWAT, 511 ATAC Storm, Bates, Magnums and Danner. In my opinion, the Danners were by far the most comfortable, and the best bang for your buck. (Danner Stryker II).
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