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Spike in purchases of armored backpacks and guns reported after Sandy Hook Shootings

Reaction to the Sandy Hook school shooting is being seen in gun stores and self-defense stores across the US: Scared parents are fueling sales of armored backpacks while fans of firearms are stocking up on assault rifles in the anticipation of stricter gun control measures.

Gun sale spikes are common after a mass shooting, but the Sandy Hook tragedy has generated record sales in many states. Colorado set a single-day record for gun background checks the day after the Sandy Hook mass shootings, and some online retailers are removing assault rifles from websites in part because of dwindling supplies.

Do you think these are rational actions, are you scared to go out in public?


  • Rational? Maybe not. Expected? Certainly. Gun enthusiasts are probably right to be worried, as I expect there will be another ban. I think it will be just as politically motivated and ineffective as the last one, but there will be one nonetheless. As for armored backpacks, I had not heard of these and I have to admit that is kinda cool. Maybe I should get one for my laptop. If it will stop small arms fire, it might keep me from breaking the screen.
  • I've also never heard of an armored backpack. Definitely something to look into.

    As for all this talk about reinstituting the assault weapons ban, do these morons even realize that an assault rifle wasn't even used in this shooting? The shooter used a standard semi-auto handgun. He also killed his mother and stole the weapon. IT WAS ILLEGALLY OBTAINED! My weapon is locked up when it's not on my person, but if you kill me and steal my keys, it's accessible at no fault to me (remember, they had to kill me to get it). These anti-gun people are so stupid.
  • Heaven help us.
  • On one popular website I visit often, someone posted a comment like "we need to ban guns because it gives criminals easy access to them otherwise!" Someone rebutted it with, "the kid murdered his mother and stole the firearms... I'd hardly call that easy access."
  • As far as the armored backpacks though, they are really nothing more than a regular backpack with a panel of kevlar inserted into the portion closest to the back, much like your patrol vest. I'm betting these parents are paying outrageous prices on these things too. Heck, you could buy the kevlar and sew it/insert it into a normal backpack for far less than most are paying I would wager.
  • I do not think these are rational actions. I am a LEOW and I have my CCW so I am not scared to go out in public. I actually feel very safe. My LEO bought me a tactical purse for Christmas. I love it, it is nice having an actual spot for my pistol now!!
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