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Freemasons Influence on PD

How much influence do the Freemasons have on your department and city/county/state government ?

"All the chiefs in the history of my departent have been Freemasons. When I came on 25 years ago, the chief was actually insulted if you did not try to join a Masonic lodge. Almost all the supervisors, detectives, narcotics and traffic bureau people were Freemasons, and the "profane" were expected to trudge along as patrolmen for their entire careers. It seemed like about half the traffic stops you made, someone would be tappong a compass ring on the door as you approached

Things have changed since then. Although the present chief if a mason, there are many people in high and desirable positions who are not, and I don't think anybody careas about that any more. I dont know if it is that the department has changed in that regard, or in society in general"

Are there any other organzations, etc, who have alot of influence in your department?

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  • My father was a Mason for many years. Something he never spoke about. When I left for a town a couple of hours from my parents my dad told me if I needed anything to find a Mason. I actually didn't wait til I needed something, I found one as soon as I got to town!!
    Thanks Dad...R.I.P.
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