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How are the Holiday shifts for most LEO's?



  • Boring, exciting, dangerous, sad, happy, rewarding, frustrating, annoying....after 25 years I've had them all.
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    Thank you for your comment
  • I worked a double on Christmas eve and Christmas day from 1500-0700 for both. Had a total of 5 calls. 3 Domestics. 1 home alarm sounding. 1 noise complaint.
  • Worked 12 hour shifts Christmas Eve and day...... It was two slow days.
  • Thank you all for your comments! I'm not a LEO yet but going that direction. I'm currently working as a guard. So far I been working Holidays and 12 hours shifts. My bosses were Leo's but the main boss of the company was in the air force. They know what career I'm choosing, so they told me, they will start training me now :)
  • Yes that is very true. There have been many family function I have missed with parents cousins and so forth. I have a lot of law enforcment in my family so everyone understands more than not. Good luck to you.
  • I've been off since the 19th and I go back on the 31st. Been pretty boring for me!
  • What a day to go back on lol New Year's Eve
  • I'm working patrol 1800-0200 then I'm plain clothes DUI enforcement from 0200-0600 on new years eve
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