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A lot of departments are gravitating away from metal badges and going with sew-on badges. I've been wearing sew-on badges for about a month now. Personally, I understand the safety benefits but I miss having that shiny piece of tin over my heart. The sew-on badges don't look as professional, IMHO. What do you guys think? Ironically, however, we're still wearing pin-on nameplates. Go figure


  • I have the metal badge on my uniform shirt, but a patch on my jacket. I prefer it that way since I was issued just one badge. Unless it is a tactical uniform I think it should be metal badges on the uniform. I think it is more professional.
  • I agree with shadow903. I think the medal badge is more professional looking and I think it also sends a stronger signal of authority. IMHO I think the public perceives the medal badge as more professional, and respects it more. No matter what it is shaped like or says, it's a patch, not a badge.
  • Patch screams security guard to me...
  • I don't like the idea of having nothing but patch badges. My department has metal badges on the uniform, but patches on the jacket, just like @shadow903. Our Police Explorer uniforms have sewn on saying that, I wish everyone stuck with the metal badges.
  • The sew-on badges do have a purpose. I do like that my 2-year-old daughter can't grab it and pull on it like she did with my metal badge, but like everyone else I'm just kinda disappointed in how cheap it looks
  • Don't get me wrong I love and respect my tin but situation and post should dictate. But the metal does bring a higher level of respect, there is no mistaking what it is when anyone sees it.
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