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Pennsylvania Trooper wounded in ambush plans to sue suspect and family

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BLOOMING GROVE, Pa. — A Pennsylvania State Police trooper plans to sue Eric Frein and his family after he and another officer were shot exiting the Blooming Grove Township barracks in Pike County in September 2014.

The Morning Call reported Friday morning that Scranton attorney Vincent Cimini filed court documents on behalf of Trooper Alex T. Douglass against Frein and his parents. Douglass was wounded and Cpl. Bryon Dickson was killed during the ambush.

The 2014 shooting led to a manhunt involving hundreds of law enforcement officers. Frein was identified as a suspect and was arrested on Oct. 30.

Douglass was shot with a .308 rifle bullet that shattered his hip and exited his body after ripping into his left side and tearing through his gastrointestinal tract.

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