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Hillary Clinton plans to develop national standards to manage police shootings

edited 27 Sep 2016 in Thin Blue Line

WASHINGTON — Following the fatal officer-involved shootings in Charlotte, North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has announced she will implement a set of best practices to prevent police-involved shootings, CNN reported.

"There are no set of national best practices on how to manage situations," Campaign Manager Robby Mook told CNN. "These situations are handled by local policies currently. And what she is proposing is that we actually set up national standards so that localities have better policies to work with and train towards."

Mook told the station Clinton’s plan would work on the relationship between law enforcement and minorities by investing in community policing and providing officers with the resources to do so.

"What she's saying is our entire country needs to do some real soul-searching here. It is clear that the criminal justice system is not treating everybody the same way," he said. "If you are African-American or from a minority group, you may not be being treated the same as a white person. And that's a problem."

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