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Useful Apps for Cops

What are some apps that you guys (cops) use everyday on your smartphones? For Ohio Cops, the "Ohio Cop" app by Mark Brooks is highly, highly recommended!! It is a must have if you do not already have it! Available for Android and IPhone users. Also, the GPS Location app since accident reports are requiring latitude/longitude now.


  • This is a great question! Id loves some more answers to it. I like nlvs they make a tag "reader" and I have read that they make a facial recognition app but have seen anything in the app store or on their website. Also I use a police translator app that has a whole bunch of commonly used police phrase pre loaded and you click on them and it will say it out loud in spainsh and display the words on the screen in english and spainish.
  • I was shown an app that you can get for free for iPhone and Android. It is one where you type in the writing on a pill and it tells you what drug you have (prescription).

    I used this a few weeks ago with success. I believe it was called pill finder.
  • I use a translation app.. use it for when dealing with people who dont speak english. they talk into the phone and it translate to english.. and vice versa..
  • I can't say enough about the Ohio cop app. Use it daily!
  • U.S. Cop is a great app, android or apple. It cost a few dollars ($4.99 maybe) but it is worth every penny. It has a pill identifier, federal laws, traffic laws, basic Spanish quick reference, report writing hints, DUI laws, etc. They are even working on a gang database that will include identifying info and gang signs, tattoos, etc. It's a great app!
  • WISER - Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders:
    This app allows you to identify chemicals by properties or symptoms. More importantly for patrol, it allows you to quickly search what a vehicle is carrying based on their HAZMAT placards. It gives information on necessary protective distances for chemicals spills and the sort so you can be better informed if responding to an accident involving a vehicle carrying dangerous substances. It also has an extensive list of chemicals found in Meth labs. I haven't had the opportunity to use it on the road but if I need to use it once it will be worth having it handy in my phone. I believe it was free when I downloaded it for iPhone.
  • I use us cop almost every shift
  • Axel: WISER is and has always been free. Download at: It also has a protective distance mapping capability. Available for PC, iPad, Android and iPhone. In my FEMA emergency management classes, I always add in a module for WISER. I have it on my Droid and all my PCs.
  • Just bought US Cop. Great little app - definitely worth the $3.99
  • U.S. Cop is one of the best law enforcement apps around! I also use Shift Worker to keep track of my schedule. The app allows you to share your schedule via SMS, email, etc. Field Contact is one of the newer apps I have started using. You can keep all your "bad guy" profiles at your fingertips and even share profiles amongst other local Field Contact users. I share with all of my neighboring jurisdictions and they do likewise. Lastly, Police Spanish by Mavro is always good to have on hand.
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  • I use US cop and a translation app
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