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Well it's New Years...

It's New Years, supposedly one of the busiest nights for you LEOs... Be safe all of you working tonight, watch your backs and make sure you all go home at the end of the night. Stay warm too! :)

I'm riding along in Tampa, so I'm hoping it'll be a great night. *fingers crossed*


  • Wishing a safe, easy and safe New Year's Eve, and a Happy, safe and Blessed New Year to all my brothers and sisters in blue.
    Did I mention safe?
  • Haha hope you had a great and SAFE night! Not too insane hopefully! lol :)
  • Did you see anything fun charger?
  • Holy crap I did. lol

    There is an apartment complex here that only caters to rapists/predators, well, they can't have visitors after 9pm. So at like 9:30, a woman who works there asks a predator that doesnt live there to leave, he tells her to fuck off... lol She asks politely again, saying it's just the rules, not anything personal and he punches her in the eye.

    A rapist comes over and punches the predator in the face and a fight breaks out, another guy who worked there tries to break it up. A cop friend of mine, goes and tells everybody to cool it and he just wants to know what happened. The predator who punched the woman tells him to fuck off and called him a couple racial slurs because he's black.

    The cop got pissed and threw his ass on the ground, well, the chubby hispanic predator shit his pants when he hit the ground. Then had to sit in the copcar for like an hour before he got transported. LOL

    A girlfriend of mine rode along the same time as me, and she and I got propositioned by some random guy involved in a 3 car crash, he tells us: "I know you're not cops, but can you throw me on the hood and handcuff me anyway? Just so I can live the fantasy of being arrested by women."

    The cop I rode with looked at him and told him: "Fuck off they're with us."

    Great night! lol Hopefully yours was safe too! :)
  • Sounds like fun :) my night was great i actually fell on my night off! Got to enjoy a new years eve with friends for the first time in a while.
  • Oooh wow, yeah, my buddies went out, but I didn't want to babysit a bunch of drunk people. lol Since I'm 20, I'm always DD. :/
  • Dd is very smart booze will kill this career faster then you can order a beer. I stayed in had friends over new years eve is not the night to be going out
  • Yeah, I dont think it's worth getting hit by a drunk driver. Plus, I know a lot of the guys who work in downtown, so it'd be super awkward if I ran into one of them while carrying a drunk friend of mine out of a club. lol
  • lol yeah that prob wouldn't go over well
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