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  • Anyone interested in Mont-Tremblant Canada police force patch, message me. (Look at my profile picture to know how my patch look likes!)
  • I want to start collecting patches and challenge coins if anybody interested for San Diego County Sheriff's Department patches let me know. I'm interested if anybody out there is willing to trade.
  • I am a german police officer and I collect patches from all over the world. I can offer the patch of my departement (you see it my profile pic) If anyone is interested just send me a message
  • Anything anyone is willing to part with please mail to:
    Young County SO
    C/O Shannon Henry
    315 N. Cliff Dr
    Graham,Texas 76450

    Thank you so much in advance!
  • I'm NYPD ... looking to trade, let me know just message me
  • edited 26 Feb 2013
    Looking for K-9 Officer Patches or Motor Officer Patches, and Highway Patrolman Patches.
  • I'm in El Paso Texas willing to trade. El Paso Police Department.
  • I am back. Sorry for not getting back. Injury left me out of work. I have plenty patches. I will respond and send out a few at a time. Cant do all at once, budget lol. I hope to receive patches back. Thanks
  • @ CA2114 I will trade Apache Junction PD, AZ for El Paso TX
  • What happened, does nobody want to trade patches??
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  • I'm in. Messae me for my trade list.
  • I work for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Police Department. It is a 19 mile bridge with two 1 mile long tunnels that are underwater. The bridge connects the city of Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore of Virginia (Cape Charles-Northampton County). Does anyone care to trade patches?
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