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From midwest, former LEO now working as full time Martial Arts instructor. I left force after 10 yrs of full time work, last 4 were spent as patrol sgt. That's all folks!


  • Welcome amkl245. I studied tai chi and Kung fu for over twelve years before the back injury that ended my career put the kibosh on that too. Good luck to you brother.
  • Thanks Gunsmoke....and I'm a female lol sorry for confusion.
  • My apologies amkl245. Good luck to you sister. :\">
  • Nothing to apologize about. :D
  • Maybe not, but my daddy would crawl up out of his grave and whomp me one upside the head if I didn't.
  • Impressive a person with morals..mind you old fashioned morals. I don't see that very often.
  • Well I'm an old fashioned fellow. Emphasis on the old. Both my parents raised me to mind my manners and respect others. I mean, when I was in elementary school, they taught us how to waltz properly and taught the boys how to bow and the girls how to curtsy. Skills that are never usef now. i still tip my hat when I pass a lady, and take it off completely when introduced to one. Shows how old fashioned I am! LOL!
  • LOL age is just a #... my folks raised me old fashioned way too...:D
  • Guess that's why we both ended up cops. And true martial arts require high morals, if you want to be a true warrior. Otherwise, you are just a trained thug.
  • And, by the way, I've been remiss in my manners, my name is Mike and it's nice to meet you amkl245.
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • Nice to meet you too Mike. I'm Andrea.
  • My pleasure, Andrea (he bows in greeting and respect) where abouts in the mid west are you from? I'm originally from NJ, which is where I was on the job and now I am retired in NC.
  • Cornfield state (the true one).
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