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Interesting calls?

What's the most interesting call you've been on?

I'm just an intern and I've seen some insane things myself. lol! :)


  • I went on a domestic where the female caller reported a disturbance and hung up. When we get to the motel she meets me and the door and I see 2 guys sitting on the bed drinking a beer. She tells me one is her husband and the other is her lover. I ask her what the disturbance was and she tells me oh there is nothing wrong they get a long. I asked her why she called then. She tells me she can't decide which one she should choose to be with... after doing all I could not to laugh I asked her what she wanted me to do about it. She said they had decided they would call 911 and let the cops make her choice for her. I didn't believe her so I went and asked the guys and got the same story. I told them to grow up and figure it out for themselves and my partner and I cleared the call speechless. oh one of the dude came to the door and yelled to my partner "Which one did you tell her to love."
  • Wow... that's crazy
  • That's hilarious! See, with this job, you guys cant make things up that crazy. That's how wild the job is. I love it.
  • I got nothing for that. MY best is a call to a dump truck that had broken through the ice on a lake...
  • I went on an Suicide Threat a couple years back. The young man was very going to end it because his cousin broke up with him. Welcome to Alabama. Roll Tide.
  • @Warden: Wow, that's still cool though. Hopefully the trucker made it out all right. lol

    @MP8: That cracks me up! His cousin? hahaha! I lived close to Alabama, in Pensacola. I saw some interesting folks up there. lol
  • I wish I was creative enough to make up the things I see at work.
  • That's one of the reasons I want to be a cop. lol!
  • Would have to be the ones where I get reported for shoplifting... I've seen a bit too much action in my life. Still trying to get my head straight enough to join. I help when I need to jump in but other than that I just go about my life until an incident occurs, kind of like a sleeper agent.

    I'm a professional online retailer that's just starting out. I grab any bargain I can find off the shelves to re-sell. The amount of store managers that see me STUFF my bag full of items and call the police to report me for shoplifting because they priced the stuff too low and made a loss... that's always interesting!

  • Had a woman call to request an officer to come by to make her 8 year old eat his supper.
    We get a lot of calls wanting us to come by and help raise their children.
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  • I am a LEOW and I swear both of these happened to my husband.
    1. He once got an alarm call (someone's alarm
    Company called the department to check out a tripped alarm). The building in question? An outhouse.
    2. Someone called 911 to report what sounded like a baby or small child screaming in pain. He gets out there and discovers it is a family slaughtering a goat for dinner.
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