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Ride Along w/ FHP!

I've turned in my papers and I'll be starting to ride with Florida Highway Patrol in the Tampa area! :) I know troopers get a bad rap down here but I figured I'd check them out and see how they do their jobs as opposed to regular Police and Sheriff's offices. Broadening my horizons a bit. ;)

Oh! I also got my internship for the Tampa Police! :D


  • Congratulations! Be safe, keep your eyes and ears open and learn.
  • Thank you! I know there is never enough preparation for a job in Law Enforcement, so I really will use this as a learning experience.
  • You'll do fine. My 19yo daughter is in college for CJ major and Psych minor. Going into the family business. Did internship at local pd, now works there part time in dispatch and now has an opportunity for an internship with NCIS. And she still does ride alongs whenever she can.
  • Yay! Congrats...!
  • @Gunsmoke: Thats great that she chose that, and I'm happy for her! I'm really looking to do patrol when/if I get hired. I've been doing a ton of ride alongs, and now I just have to be a good intern. lol!

    @I_d_b_85: Thank you! :)
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