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Academy Preparation?

I have about 6months to a year to prepare myself for the academy, what do you guys recommend?

More strength building? Running?


  • Are talking overall, physical, mental? Please elaborate.
  • I just started my academy- First class is actually today. On Friday we has a fitness evaluation. Our PT will be focused on a lot of Core and Endurance training.

    If you are doing an Academy with an Agency or at a Community College, look at the Physical tests they will be doing, and train to blow them out of the water.
  • First off, Don't sweat it to hard. Practice running 2 miles at a time at your own pace. Try to be able to knock out at least 25 good push ups in 60 seconds and 25 sit up in 60 seconds. If you can do that, it should ease your mind. As I said, don't sweat it to much. All the pt testing as well as most other testing is done at the end of the academy. They will help you get to where you need to be by then. Just be able to run and sprint.
  • Are you going to a California POST academy?
  • As a past graduate of three academy's the best advice I could give you is run every day till you are up to at least 6 miles a day (every other day if you must) and work on upper body strength...........s
  • I just graduated the law enforcement class here in Idaho, I'm currently post certifiable! The best thing i can tell you is, run, run a lot... do pushups every night and do proper sit ups. Law is the biggest thing to learn and the most important, take time and read a lot, don't be afraid to ask questions!
  • i just finished my academy in November in fort Myers and before that i was in the Hillsborough academy and blew my knee out... both of the academy's where geared towards cross-fit alot of running with that said i would look into a cross fit gym or program and you should be fine.... for the book work if went to college or know a little bit about the law you should be fine i went to USF and most of the stuff we went over in the academy i already knew from college so it was nice.... good luck
  • In 2007 I attended the Los Angeles Police Academy as a Police Recruit. The PT program there was 14 weeks long. It consisted of calisthenics, circuit training, sprinting, and running. From my personal experience, focus on: Pushups, Situps, Pullups, and Running. Get yourself up to running 5 miles a day. You don't need to do any weight training in the gym. Cardio conditioning and upper body strength will get you through the academy.
  • Oh wow, where do I begin? hahaha!

    Thanks so much for all the feedback, from what I'm reading Cardio is important and running a certain couple of miles is important. I'll definitely work on running, I need it.

    But I'm a girl, and I find the military style push ups to be really hard. I can do some, but not as many as are required. I was told it's all the way to the ground and back up, 20 of them or something. I'm concerned I won't be able to do that, I can do sit ups like a champ, but push ups is another ball game for me completely. Any advice on getting good at push ups? (besides doing more and more each week lol)
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    Upper body strengthening exercises. I've always done normal push-ups so just make it a habit to do that, Getting your upper body stronger will help you with that and overall in the job and in custody and control. Also work on grip strengthening. Gyro balls work great along with spring hand grips.
    I'm 5'2" 125lbs and I've had no problems. But it takes a lot of work. Stay consistent on your work outs. Run, run some more and when you think you've ran enough run again lol.
    Jewie27 had great advice.
  • Must start running like crazy!

    I've been focusing on push ups, and I think I'll really get into running here soon. I hadn't focused on it yet, but I have about a year until I go to the academy, so I think I have time. I'm 5'6" and 136lbs and I have shoulder strength, but I'll work on grip and arm strength too. Thanks for the pointers!
  • My only recommendation would be to make sure you can pass the PT BEFORE you sign up. I know you have months to improve during the academy but I've seen too many people shell out $6,000 and six months of their time only to fail the PT at the end.
  • I second that Weightxedge. I also recommend CrossFit. I'm an addict of CrossFit. Check out as well as for any and all info about crossfit. Work on your weaknesses, improve on your strengths.
  • @Charger_Girl - My husband is in week 17 of a 28 week academy. he too had about a year to prepare, he's in the absolute best shape of his life (mind you he is 35) and the PT kicked his BUTT the first 2 weeks and even still does from time to time. I'd say you've got the right idea with all the other suggestions given and what you are working towards. But I did want to just put it out there that I feel it depends on the academy. He's attending one of the top 5 in CA. It has been much harder than he or even I expected. I joke that he must be training for the secret service or seal team 6!?! Best of luck to you! AND I commend you for wanting to be in LE, hubby has a few ladies in his academy and I just think- dammm I'd fail the first week, they would eat me alive over there! There's just no way I could see myself doing it. So good for you, I hope you get picked up somewhere very soon!
  • For our academy you have to be able to pass the pt test before you even start. Im a small female, and push ups for me used to suck so this is what I did..interval training. If you are weight lifting do a set, then do 3-5 push ups and sit ups, do another set of lifts and repeat the intervals. Put your hands on a set of 20 pound bells, or the squares they use on the ends of steps for crossfit. thatll help you get down to that 90 degree angle quicker. Also once you get stronger, take just the bar of the bench press and do around 100 reps. all the way down to your chest and up, or even start with a lighter bar that's 20 pounds and rest if you have to. That will also help get the correct angle you are needing. I have also done pushups with my feet up on a bench..its better to do less and have good form than do more and have poor form. Good luck and you will get there!
  • I've got about that long until academy also, cardio is pretty big, we also a a max repetition weight test too, so starting working out atleast 3 times a week will help! ive actually started doing 50 pushups, 50 situps, and atleast a 300 meter or half mile run every day, or every other day, but i do it every day because i kind of enjoy it :)
  • Weightxedge is an officer in the state where I'm an academy instructor and I agree with what they are saying. I've taught in quite a few classes where cadets are coming through the second time because they couldn't pass the PT the first time around. I suggest that the first thing you need to do is prepare your mind to win. Have a warrior's mindset. Once you develop that, continue throughout your career. Tell yourself that YOU WILL go home at the end of the day. And, YOU WILL pass the academy. While your conditioning your mind, condition your body by running and increasing your endurance. You will need to rely on this throughout your career as well. All of the academics will fall into place. Good luck!
  • @Charger_girl, starting out with smaller weights/smaller numbers of push ups and working your way up is probably the best way to go, I started out not being able to more than 10 push ups, now I can do over 65, so hopefully it'll work for you too! Same thing with sit ups; I couldn't do many to begin with, now I've gotten up to 80 a minute! Good Luck!
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