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Taser or OC

edited 15 Nov 2012 in The Off-Duty Forums
Which one do you go for first?


  • Pepper spray, it takes awhile for it to wear off.
  • Pepper spray has it's uses. Problem with it is the collateral damage. As a former Taser Instructor, I found it to be more reliable, and more effective in most cases. Once word got out about our Tasers, often times the mere threat would change someones mind.
  • I use my taser, when necessary, on humans. I use my OC on dogs.
  • Quit carrying OC on my belt some time back. Kept some in the car for dogs and crowd control.
  • OC my current department doesn't authorize tasers (navy command)
  • Im with the Taser now.Was carrying Frezze + P.
  • I carry both, use the taser first. Simply because the reputation of the taser more often than not ends the fight right there. OC has it's uses but I have never been terribly confident in it.
  • I would say both have their purposes depending on how many suspects you are dealing with at one time. My Department just got the Taser X2's. These are much nice since you can fire two shots before re-loading. Much better than the X26's
  • Taser Definately! OC is wicked, but I don't ever want to go through that again!
  • Both have their place, however the taser has a nasty rep of the click click click.. the oc has a longer application period but can be transferred to officers during a take down.. I carry both (department requirements)
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  • I too am a Taser instructor and like the "lightning" but I love my O.C. spray too. it depends on the situation.

  • I've been OC'd twice and tased once and I'll definitely take the taser over the OC. Collateral damage and cross contamination have been mentioned here, plus I hear OC is ineffective against most deranged or high subjects. Not that the taser is a perfect weapon, but fewer mentions of being ineffective. My department is about to start using tasers and I can't wait for word to get out on the streets...I'm sure just drawing it will be a significant deterrent for at least a while!
  • Taser is the better of the Two, I've been Tasered and Pepper Sprayed. Taser hurts more but only for 5 minutes and the results are instant. Pepper may work but you have to wait 5 minutes for it to work sometimes...
  • Taser hands down.
  • OC is good for Chili.... I got caught in cross contamination once and it can hinder your breathing enough to reduce your effectiveness. In my case I didn;t notice it till the adrenaline wore off but we did notice it. I think OC's best for larger fights that just need to be intervened but sucks when Officers get contaminated in close proximity situations.
    Taser works well. Fought a guy on a crack binge once. He wrestled us and we found a knife in his waistband. I laid three elbows into his ribs. I had 30 pounds of muscle (then) on him and he just laughed. I disengaged and the Taser ended it fast. HE was high as a kite and it didn't matter, locked up like a seizure and gave up.
    Only used it once because it is very high in our use of force policy.
  • Taser. Rarely but rare enough there are people out there (drunk, high or just big enough) that aren't affected by OC. Taser is the safest way and quickest way to bring one down. Being a smaller female I prefer a taser. (Should've went K9......)
  • The prison in which I work has both OC and tazer, along with the RACC belt. We have to be ceertified on both to use either of course. I hate even a static shock so certification sucked for me. I'd rather be peppered with FOX 5.2 than tazed/Nova/RACC belt. I have never seen anyone get up after being tazed or RACCed that wasn't cusing a blue streak, some rather creativly. :))
  • I would go for OC it takes longer for the effects to wear off and in my opinion is worse then Taser
  • One of my Sergeants a few years back OC'd a guy during a fight. When the fight was over and everything was squared away, he used the restroom, having forgotten he had used his OC and thus didn't wash his hands first. I was in pain just hearing that story
  • OC because it last longer
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