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NYPD Officers lift taxi off man.

Just call them the Incredible Hulks. About a dozen police officers surrounded a taxi in New York’s South Bronx and lifted it off a man who had been hit by the car.
A video that captured the amazing act of strength by the quick-thinking NYPD on Sunday morning had already caught the attention of the Web.
As a pedestrian lay pinned under the taxi, a group of police and bystanders rushed to circle the car. In a dramatic rescue, the officers lifted the four-door sedan several times so emergency workers could pull free the unnamed victim, who was lying underneath the wheels.
ABC7 reports that the man was rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest and listed in critical condition. Police have not charged the driver.


  • great work....when we do right no one remembers... when we do wrong no one forgets.
  • @Lucky: you are SO right there. And that's because of the media. They allot 30 seconds coverage of a report where cops are doing something like this, then they go all out on coverage that paints us in a bad light, broadcasting and harping on it for days, sometimes weeks.
  • Not to mention that most of the time the negative stories are twisted to the point of being mostly fiction. Like Rodney King. Did those officers beat his ass a little too much? Maybe. But he was on PCP, which makes you retard strong, and he'd already stood up to like 3 hits with a tazer. It was either beat his ass or shoot him. But no one in the media ever reported that side of the story. Then they treat this pimp and drug addict like a fallen hero when he dies. Utterly disgraceful
  • @wilavitt: I agree. I actually stopped reading news papers after I would read stories that involved situations I either knew about or was part of, and the news storie had absolutely nothing to do with the facts or the truth.
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