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Am I the only cop who feels this way??

I am all for the general public supporting those of us in Law-Enforcement, but I don't agree with how we now pass out thin blue line stickers.

Most of the general public, if not all, really has no idea behind the TRUE meaning of this sticker. They think its just some cop sticker. Obviously, the cops in here know the TRUE meaning behind the creation of the sticker.

What pisses me off is when a complete NON-LEO sticks the blue line stickers all over the rear of their cars, obviously to avoid being pulled. What sickens me more is when a police officers just hands them out to their friends for this same reason. To so many of us, this little sticker represents so much. Everytime I see it, I sometimes remember the day my buddy was shot and killed while working a detail. It also reminds me of another buddy who was executed while checked out on a traffi stop. This sticker represents those of us in LE, those that have safraficed it all and it also represents the closeness that we all share together (police officers).

FOP stickers, PBA Stickers, I Support Cops stickers, are for getting out of that speeding ticket!

I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't the only cop angered by the misuse of these stickers.

Be safe out there everyone!

P.S., I'm not trying to come off as an asshole. It just means ALOT to me and I know that I don't stand alone on this topic.


  • I agree that the thin blue line has great meaning. However I don't believe that everyone who displays it is trying to get out of a ticket... There are some, but most are probably just trying to be supportive...
  • There lucky they don't live in Virginia because I have been told by LEO'S that they would write them for impersonating law enforcement. I do agree I'm not a police officer, just armed security but I want a sticker to show my respect for the fallen officers. I not trying to get out of a ticket I have no respect for those who use the Thin Blue Line and abuse the meaning disrespecting the fallen and the ones still standing. I hope they treat the symbol with the respect it deserves. You raise a very good point only family and active or retired LEO'S should display that symbol on there vehicles. Those who abuse it need to be punished by law and see that that sticker is just like flashing a badge.
  • In Virginia we do not charge people for impersonating because they have a thin blue line sticker!

    I agree with the fact that not everyone should have one. I also don't put them on my car because I don't want my car to be a target for some toad that is pissed at any LEO.

    As far as getting out of tickets......I ignore thin blue lines anymore. I use to pass them up but I have found way too many people with them that don't have any real ties to the LEO community. I got a bunch of dope out of a vehicle that had a thin blue line on it. That really irritated me.
  • You make good points.
  • One of our local dealers has DARE plates. lol. I also agree that this used to be an indicator of LEO's. Seems to still be pretty accurate in rural IN.
  • I see your point and agree to a point. I have lost friends in this job as well and its very dear to my heart. I never make a decision on a stop based on any sticker. I make it a point to ask them where they got the sticker and what it means. If they don't know then I explain it to them. Some people are given them and they call them the "cop" sticker which goes to the moron who gave it to them without explaining what it means.
  • I live with one who has them over her back window...

    Never seen her doing anything law enforcement related yet!
  • Write the ticket and go on about your business. If a brother or sister calls for help, by all means, help if policy permits and the judge agrees. I'm of the opinion that displaying a sticker identifying you as LE could technically be a criminal violation if the owner of the vehicle isn't LE and is only using it as a deception.
  • I would have to agree with you to a point! We recently lost two officers in a town over during a shooting. The stickers that are seen on vehicles are the thin blue line with the departments patch in the middle and the badge numbers of each officer on either side. I think this is a great way to support the cause and meaning.
  • there is no way having these types of decals on your car could be construed as someone "impersonating a peace officer". it amazes me to think anyone would think that to be a crime.
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  • Maybe those who are displaying the TBL sticker are former members and that they are telling you that they still support you and that they are complying with the law.In the UK we have the black rat sticker which relates to road traffic officers as they are known as road rats.I have one on my car and I comply with the law and speed restrictions on my travels.I do not display in order to get preferential treatment from the road policing units in and around my town and cities.It tells them that I am a former member also.
  • Both sides of this discussion are true. My wife has a TBL decal on her vehicle. Its her vehicle. I never drive it. I am her only tie to LE but thats generally acceptable where I am. Although, I have seen kids riding around with TBL stickers that they got from their neighbors husbands cousins brother, and they get his rank and department wrong when asked where they got it from. The thing is, we created the issue. Places that sell them here only sell to commissioned LEO and you have to show your commission to make the purchase. So, if Det. Doe with the S.O. (who is actually Ofc. Doe with the P.D.) wouldnt give them out like candy on Halloween, they wouldn't be as common as they are.
    I can't imagine any judge convicting anyone of impersonating for a TBL decal.
  • The most important thing is to remember what the thin blue line means to you. Each of us has their own reasons and there are those who will use the line for their own advantage. So be true to your own beliefs and judge others the same blue line or no blue line.
  • I am retired military and a former deputy sheriff, I have one to show my respect to those wearing the badge.
  • I couldn't agree more its not just another sticker to prevent being pulled over or held accountable for their actions. Its a bold display of disrespect to the what "Thin Blue Line" stands for and what we endure on a daily just to serve and protect. The military is the same, people will use whom ever and whatever they think will be beneficial to them. As for me, I focus on my own behave and hold myself accountable and respect the blue line when others may not.
  • Everyone has there way of expressing the way the support the Officers in thier life. My Wife drives a vehicle with a personalized tag on her vehicle displaying her "luv" for her Cop.
  • I Agree , no one but LE should have the sticker!!
  • I am not a LEO but have family and dear friends that are. I too feel that these stickers are abused by some and is a shameful disgrace of an emblem that has so much meaning both for those that have or are serving and as a show of respect for an officer's EOW. I am sorry if I am out of line by posting this, but I feel so strongly about those who would attempt to take advantage of your emblem and it's sacred meaning.
  • If you are not active or retired, then you should not have a sticker on your vehicle. Period, there is not middle ground!!!! That is one of my problems with the FOP, and I am a member and have been for over 25 years, but they give out FOP stickers for fund raising. No Way, if your not active or retired, then no sticker.
  • Being second generation LEO I feel the hatrid for the discrace given to the line by those who use it for personal gain. My department has suffered a fallen brother as well as another wounded by a round to the face, both on traffic stops. However I do not believe that only LEOs should be able to display the line. Family and friends of those who risk their lives everyday or have given the ultimate sacrifice should be able to show their respects and support the LEO brotherhood. I am not trying to start any arguments just expressing my opinions towards the people who want to show the respect and comradery to our community. Out here in Arizona our Fire and Corrections have also adopted their own lines for their own entities. The thin red line for Fire and the thin grey line for Corrections. So just remember our brothers and sisters that risk their lives everyday in the line of duty and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice doing what they love.
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  • i'm not an LEO either but i'm married to one so i think that's a damn good reason to have one on my truck.
  • I ny work part time with my local sheriff department, and i got pulled over by a city police officer, and he said to not have it on my car, because people don't like us around here. I put it n my car to show my support for all my LEO friends who put thier life on the line every day. I cant wait until i am able to work with them. So i beleve i have the right to have it on my car, and if i get harmed because i support LEOs then so be it.
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  • This guy (FortLauderdale), who claims to be LEO, is why so many citizens
    have a bad attitude about law enforcement. He assumes that just because one
    displays these stickers on their vehicle they are doing it for self preservation
    in a traffic stop.
    Who created the stickers and how did they get distributed, obviously they have
    been passed out for the purpose of displaying by anyone, otherwise it would be
    stamped right on them somewhere,
    (Don't display this sticker in public unless a certified LEO.)
    This type of anger and hate towards Non-LEO's as he put it, reinforces the us
    against them mentality, and this type of rant doesn't help that persona.
  • How funny that you guys take this soo seriously. It obviously has a purpose in a traffic stop. It's a conversation starter that creates the situation where you ask the driver if they are LEO or related to LEO. Why? Because you're trying to determine if they should get a citation or be detained.

    Had I known that this was actually acted on by LEO's I would have added one to my car a long time ago. I am not a LEO or in anyway connected to a LEO but if this is all it takes to have you allow me to keep going then so be it. There are many more ways to demonstrate your support for Law Enforcement but this is not it. If someone breaks the law then the rule applies. Apply it. No preferential treatment is what your community wants and expects from you, period.

    In respect to trying to enforce this as a secondary badge, officer impersonation, it's not and it falls under Freedom of Speech. Unless and until a government agency lends it's authority and recognizes this as an official symbol it cannot be treated as such. This seems to be more of a small town cop thing than an Urban or Metropolis issue.

    Sorry guys, you do the crime, then do the time. Fairness and Justice for All.
  • Last time I got pulled over, it was for a burned-out brake light. Cop let me go with a warning because my driving record was "squeaky clean". Same night, I fixed my bulb. My point is, I drive sensibly and need no help avoiding tickets. If I had gotten a ticket for that brake light, I'd have made no complaint.

    I do have tremendous respect for LEO's, and wish I could express that in a subtle but visible way. I would like to send a simple message of "I appreciate you guys and girls, thank you for keeping my neighborhood safe".

    I bought some of these stickers on Amazon for that purpose, but thought I'd better try to find out if I'm sending an unintended message, like claiming to be a family member, which I'm not. I'm really disappointed to read how many LEO's would apparently consider that to be deliberately deceptive. I realize you have to be on guard in your job, but I hope you don't mistake all gestures of respect or appreciation as attempts to curry favor.

    I won't be putting the sticker on my car. But please understand many of us civilians do respect and appreciate you.
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