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Oakland CA, Police Officer shot.

OAKLAND -- A police officer was shot in the leg while chasing a suspect in the Fruitvale district on Friday -- the second time this week an officer was shot in the line of duty in Oakland.
"You cannot shoot at police officers when they are out there in the line of duty trying to protect the community," a visibly angry police Chief Howard Jordan said at the scene of Friday's shooting.
Both officers are expected to fully recover, and Jordan said it was very fortunate their injuries weren't more severe.
In Friday's incident, the injured officer was able to chase the man who shot him for two blocks before the man dropped his weapon and surrendered. The officer, a 13-year veteran of
the department, fired on the suspect during the pursuit, but did not hit him, Jordan said.
The incident began about 5:30 p.m., when officers were responding to a non-injury hit-and-run collision at E. 12 Street and 47th Avenue. During their investigation, officers heard gunshots a few blocks away, and left the accident to check out the shots.
They encountered a man at E. 12 Street and 49th Avenue who fired on officers, striking one in the leg. Despite his injury, the officer continued to chase the man before he surrendered and was arrested, Jordan said. A second officer who responded was not injured.
The officer's name and the name of the suspect were not released.
Jordan would not say if the suspect was believed to
be connected to the hit-and-run accident.
The officer was taken to a hospital for treatment and is expected to recover.
"We're fortunate he did not suffer any life-threatening injury," Jordan said.
On Monday night, an undercover detective was treated and released from a hospital after being shot in the arm while investigating a homicide in East Oakland, police said. Police later arrested two suspected gang members on parole and detained three other people in connection with the shooting. The detective was sitting in a car in the 1700 block of Seminary Avenue when he was shot about 6:22 p.m. He was in the neighborhood investigating a shooting that happened on Sunday, officials said.
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