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Funny LEO moments

What weird or funny things do you or your SO do because s/he is a LEO?
My husband doesn't like to eat out because is is petrified that someone will spit in his food. (take that for giving me a ticket last week!)
Buying a house was a nightmare. "No, we can't live there, I have arrested the guy next door. No. Not there either, the people next to that house are always having domestic violence issues. No not there...." so on and so forth. We finally settled on the house kiddy corner to the "swingers" house.


  • I retired in 99 and it was just two years ago I got out of the habit of eating my meals as fast as I could. A carry over from on the job where I never knew how long I could sit and eat before another call came in. Had many a meal left unfinished or even untouched. So I always ate really fast.
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