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Impersonating a police officer

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) -- A man posing as a police officer robbed a Providence man at gunpoint Sunday, police said.

The armed robber used an un-marked white car outfitted with strobe lights to stop the victim on Eastwood Ave. in Providence, police said.

The armed robber told the man to get out of his car, held a gun to his head and demanded money, the victim told Eyewitness News.

The robber got away with about $300.

Police describe the armed robber as a white man, clean cut and clean shaven and roughly 5' 7". He also has a tattoo on his right hand of 3 to 5 small dots. He was wearing black military style boots and a hat similar to those worn by military drill sergeants.

Police are also looking for the car of the suspect- a white, newer model Chevy with strobe lights in the grill and windshield area. There was no license plate on the front of the vehicle, police said.


  • Unmarked pull-overs resulting in robberies by fake cops is a big problem. I've told my wife never to pull over for an unmarked unit. Drive to the nearest police station and let them follow you. A real cop will respect your discretion and an impersonator won't follow you into the police station. I'm hearing about this happening too often
  • We had a problem with this in Colorado - then unfortunately it resulted in a murder. Now impersonation is a felony here. Even with that, we had an impersonator pulling over women on a much used highway near my house that we use constantly. I briefed my wife on what to do. Fortunately, this yahoo was caught by pulling over a cute blonde - who was a volunteer firefighter and knew ALL the cops in the area. I think he MAY be out of prison by now...
  • That person's name wasn't Jason Doorenbos-Parry, was it? I've ran into that fool a few times. Last I knew, he was still going around trying to claim he's a cop.
  • Hi clb I was wondering if you could give more info .. Do you know where he is from? What kind of vehicle he drives ? Does anything in this article I posted match his description ?
  • clb: No - the one I was referring to had a Hispanic last name.
  • edited 7 Mar 2013
    PPDS, sorry it took so long. This is the article talking about the guy in question: Granted this happened back in 2011, but the last I heard he was some local guy's campaign information officer.
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