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Missouri Dems Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms – Gives Gun Owners 90 days

I looked at the actual legistlation: if your rifle has even one of these features, they want to make it a class C felony (to keep it):

A pistol grip or thumbhole stock;
Any feature capable of functioning as a protruding grip that can be held by the nontrigger hand;
A folding or telescoping stock;
A shroud attached to the barrel


  • This current area we find ourselves in is very scary. I don't know any Leo's that are gonna knock on peoples doors and attempt to enforce laws against the Constitution. My home state of Missouri is scaring me, thank goodness for Sheriffs like mine who is standing up to this kind of crap in Arizona.......Go Sheriff Joe!!!
  • Seth - do you have a bill number? I couldn't find it when I scanned the titles.
  • The direction of this country seriously scares me. So many congressmen do not understand the primary purpose of the 2nd amendment. Thank you Sheriff Joe for being one of the few to believe in the law abiding citizens of this country. I love the United States and believe one day people will wake up and make the right decission to change our present course.....
  • While I disagree with any legislation to infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights, I do not see where the bill talks about LEO's entering homes to confiscate firearms. We need to ensure that when we discuss pending legislation that we don't pull things out of air to discredit what we are all fighting for.
    I agree LEO in this flippin' liberal state of Kalifornia that I know or work with will be knocking on doors to take your weapons....but that's not to say there are not COP's or Sheriff's that will unfortunately order their troops to do that and many will not stand up and say no.
  • Sorry if you took my above statement as saying the bill said law enforcement would go door to door. I was only concluding that if a bill like that is past, who else is going to be sent to collect the weapons other than the armed forces, including LEO's. It is just scary after seeing what happened during Katrina when LEO's were told to disarm Citizens there.
  • >>It is just scary after seeing what happened during Katrina when LEO's were told to disarm Citizens there.<<

    Yeah, that was terrible. In all honesty, a natural disaster is one time you'll most likely need your weapon for defense. Obviously, none of the looters and criminals were disarmed during Katrina
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