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Anyone looking to trade patches?

If you want to trade patches let me know.
Thanks Robert


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    Hey Robert, I'm interested in trading with you. Message me and we'll discuss the details.
    Thanks Tanner.
  • hey Robert and Tanner! I'll trade patches also!!! Thanks,

  • You bet, I love to trade patches.
  • Robert, Tanner, bcoop and Warden, I will trade patches with you as well.
    Thanks **==
  • 223 different and counting... Love collecting and learning a little about each Department I acquire.
  • Inbox me your address and I will send some out.
  • I'm interested in trading Patches and / or Challenge Coins.
  • I am interested in trading patches also!
  • Count me in
  • I have some Minnesota DNR patches to trade, inbox me if you are interested..
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • Absolutely....inbox me
  • Sure I would love to!
  • I would love to join. Only thing is, I am not a cop yet. I am a former police explorer and have been wanting to continue my to grow my small collection.
  • Interested as well, LEO in VA with a growing collection inbox me and we can set something up
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    I am interested in trading.. I work in Ontario Canada and have about 20-30 of my services patches on hand right now to trade.
    Message me on here or email me at lets get trading.. need to build my collection.
  • I am interested in trading patches also, I work in South Louisiana let me know
  • I am in from Arizona Highway Patrol
  • I'm interested....inbox me or email I'm from springfild township ohio.
  • Absolutely!, I'll trade you or anyone here. Nashville PD
  • Thanks for the trade Larry...
    I have 20 patches from the police service .. email me at
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • I have a few that I could trade from Ga.
  • My E-mail is
  • I work for Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel PD, would anyone like to trade patches? Email me at:
  • If you would like to trade patches send me a message and we will exchange addresses
  • Hey I'm NYPD and would love to trade if interested, send your info Joseph Brambach 1607 A Street West Babylon, NY 11704
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    I have my military patches, my days as a federal officer and police patches from Europe, email me at
  • I will trade with anyone as well. I'm a Pennsylvania cop. Send me a message thanks
  • I have the following patches:

    Trenton New Jersey Detective Patch
    Trenton New Jersey Officer Patch
    Georgia Building Authority Police Patch
    Minnesota Law Enforcement Conservation Officer Patch

    Inbox me if you're interested.

    (note: I'm in Trooper School so my response will be delayed. I'm only home on the weekends)

  • I would love to start, I graduate the Police Academy tomorrow, But I dont have any to trade. Any tips on how to get started?
  • You can purchase online If you want a stock pile to start with
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • Thanks! didnt know that, are there any sites that are better than others?
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    not really, just google them and shop around. depending on what, some will have better prices than others
  • I'm interested in trading! I've got a bunch of different ones! Email me @ and I'll send you pics of each one I have up for trade, and we'll get started!
  • I'm interested in trading patches, I have fairfax County, VA and Montgomery County, MD. I'm looking for Salem Mass PD patch both regular and subdued. Message me if interested.
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