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Academy Rankings

I have always heard academies state that they are ranked "?" in the country. Is there really any type of list or ranking system that exists to show this? I graduated from the WV State Police Academy in 2012 and I was told that WV is the #2 ranked academy in the nation. I was also told that CA is ranked #1 and NY ranked #3. WV is a 18 week live on base/para military academy. It was nothing for us to get "smoked" at 3a.m. just to wake back up for morning P.T. at 0430 hrs.

I was also told that the rank system has something to do with your drop out percentage. We started off in my class 149th basic class with 87 people and graduated 44. The academy wasn't very demanding academically, it was mostly the P.T. and D.T. program that was a killer!


  • I've always been told that Rhode Island and Alaska State Police Academies are the 2 toughest academies in the country by physical standards.
  • I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but I know CSPD is pretty difficult to not only get into, but also difficult to get through. At least that's what I'm told by people I know in the field.
  • Well I am AZ Peace Officer I went ALEA Arizona Law Enforcement Academy 585 hours 21 weeks. We started with 48 finished with 31. It is a brutal academy. Not sure of the national ranking but it is the toughest AZ has to offer. Hard to get into even harder to pass.
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