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Does Law Enforcement run in your family?

Do you come from a long line of Law Enforcement or are you the first?


  • I have a cousin who was with the IPD for a few years. Oh, and my dad was a convicted felon (back in the 1930's) - does that count?? :)
  • I'm the proud first in my entire family!
  • I am the first in my family that I am aware of... Several relatives on the other side of the law though..
  • I was the first, but not the last.
  • Interesting side story to my Dad - as he passed when I was very young, I didn't know much about him. So, a few years ago I go to Indianapolis to see if I can find any info on him at the City-County Building. It so happens that they did, and the very nice clerk brings out the original court record book for his conviction and sentencing for 1 year to the Indiana State Farm. I asked her why she had that book in the original, and she said 'you're gonna love this!' She flipped a few pages and there was the court arraignment record for murder - for John Dillinger. :) She made copies of my dad's records and Dillinger's for me.
  • My father retired as a LT, Grandfather retired as a chief of a small town PD, Uncle is currently chief of that same small town, a cousin that is a CO, a cousin retired from State Police, another cousin still working for State Police, and one of my younger brothers is in the application process.
  • It's just me and my brother who works the next town over from me. My older sister is trying to get hired too
  • Going to be the first one ever
  • I'm kind of the "black sheep" of my family....the rest are Fire Fighters. Its an honorable profession mind you, but police work is my calling!
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  • My dad ( deceased) and my brother for 10yrs and me
  • My Dad (retired) and my god father and I are all with the same police service.
    An Aunt and Uncle, cousin and cousins Husband are with Toronto Police Service (canada)
    An Aunt (retired) from Metropolitan Police Service (England)
  • Grandad is retired out of a PD in Florida. Retired as a LT
    Dad was a police officer in Texas for 8 years and retired FBI after 25 years
    I am approaching my 3rd year as a Sheriff's Deputy
  • I will be the First Law Enforcement of any kind in my family, Hoping to start a trend!
  • My grandfather retired as a co of 27 years. My uncle has 11 years as a co. My dad has 10 years as a leo and I have 9.
  • Me and three of my sons. One cousin. It is said that my Grandfather was a "sworn deputy" in Bell County KY but it was during the Coal mine Wars so I figure he was just a strike breaker. Still researching that one. lol
  • My father was a police officer, sergeant, lieutenant, and chief for 35 years. Had he not died of cancer, I assure you it was his intention to die in that office at whatever age God decided to take him. Unfortunately it was at the not so old age of 56.

    His grandfather was the first town Marshal back in the early 1900s. His uncle and cousin both worked for the sheriff's office. I too went to work for the Sheriff's Office for a few years before moving to Australia (temporarily, long story short, I'll be back.)

    I think once "the job" gets in the blood, it's definitely an inherited trait.
  • Long story short---My dad passed away when I was 8 years old --- then police chief took me under his wing --- Have know just about every city, sheriff, and state officer in the area since (55 years) --- helped write part of the S.O.P. for current police force --- on police advisory board for 8 years--- Turned down police job officer job twice... end of story...very blessed to have know a lot of great officers over the years !!
  • I don't really know if it would count as me coming from a law enforcement family. One of my aunts was a cop for 5 years (but quit because she discovered it wasn't her true calling), and another aunt was married to one, but they ended up getting divorced. Here's the catch: this was all well before I was even born. Personally, I say I don't come from a law enforcement family because of this "technicality". Not only that, but also because there isn't a sense of law enforcement pride with anyone in my family, except for me. I'm really the odd one out due to the fact that the majority of my family has ended up on the wrong side of the law. HOWEVER, thankfully, I have gained a strong Blue family. :)
  • My oldest cousin's son will be entering the academy soon. That will make him the fourth generation to serve. Its beginning to look like this is the family business.
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  • Dad--Federal law enforcement
    Mom--defense attorney (dinner discussions were interesting and still are.
    Two out of four older brothers are feds, two others and I are local law enforcement.
  • @amkl245 - Sounds like a variation of the Reagan family from Blue Bloods...haha.
  • My father was in security, my older sister and brother in corrections, my younger sister a deputy sheriff, my younger brother in security, my youngest sister is known by many cops ha-ha!!
  • Yes, my great uncle was Sheriff and my uncle was Chief Deputy.
  • I am the first and only one in my family in the field. My family doesnt understand how I can see dead bodies (CSI) and all of the other stuff I see. Especially since both of my parents cant stand the sight of blood, lol. I was in the Army before this and I do have several military members in my family.
  • My maternal great grandfather was a Capt at the local SO, my paternal grandfather was a Constable from the same SO. My second cousin is Chief Deputy at a neighboring County SO, I worked in corrections for 4 years and am now a Dispatcher. My oldest son is going to the police academy this fall. It's in the blood.
  • First LEO in the family :)
  • My dad was a Correction Officer and my brother and uncle preceded me in the PD.
  • No. We are soldiers.
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    My great grandfather was a guard in Italy. My grandfather retired in NJ. My father is a retired captain from NJ and now works for the same department as my brother and I work for. My brother is a road deputy and I work in the jail. & I have 2 uncles that are also currently working, but they're up in NJ. So I'm pretty sure it runs in the family. :P
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