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Man bails on traffic stop and climbs building...

For no reason.

This was in the next town over this morning. He said he thought he had outstanding warrants, and he didn't. ;))


  • Hahahaha!!!!
  • Had a driver with a suspended license give me a false name once. Unfortunately for him, the name he pulled out of his rectum was wanted out of New York State for murder!
  • That is good Lawman. Sucks for that Dips**t.
  • Laughing at Lawman's post!

    But yeah... if the guy wasn't such a good criminal he should be a stunt double for Spiderman!
  • Hahaha!!! Like this.
  • I don't get why people automatically run. Criminals are stupid. First of all, you're gonna get caught. I've never had a single person run from me that I couldn't run down. Second, you don't even know why I'm stopping you yet. If you hadn't run, I might have just let you go. Criminals are so dumb
  • we have a lot of that here in MD. i thought i was suspended.
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