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New duty flash light

I am looking for a new flash light to carry on my duty belt. Any one have any good recommendations or suggestions


  • Are you looking for one that has a bright light and is compact, or something that you can use as a weapon? If it is the first, then I would say the Sure Fire tactical light or maybe the Stinger. If the second, well, can't beat the old stand-by, Mag-Lite (thought the rechargeable ones are nice and bright. I carried one for years)
  • Surefire is good - check out the Fenix line though.
  • Recently bought Streamlight ProTac*HL....very bright very small...light...has three functions...and was only $80. I used to laugh at the guys with strobe flashlights but it has helped in large crows to disperse. A lot of those guys paid $150 and up for theirs. People do no like it. Uses CR123A batteries and not rechargeable. but I found a cheap source of those.
  • My agency issued 5.11 light for life is great and very lightweight, but I prefer the Pelican 7060 I purchased myself a few years back. I prefer the weight, switches and ruggedness of the Pelican. Outside of directing traffic I almost never use the strobe feature of the 5.11, although the 90 second charge time is awesome. Also have an old Surefire G2 in the gear bag as a backup.
  • Safariland Rapid Light System. Very bright, very versatile and runs on 3 AAA batteries.
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