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Thought on companies banning sales to LEOs

So this is a discussion I was having with some friends, and was wondering your thoughts. What do you guys and gals think about the companies not selling to military and law enforcement agencies in states instituting some sort of gun control?


  • Screw em, I will buy from companies that like my money.
  • I say good for in Maryland they are introducing bill after bill banning 10 round mags and calling everything an assault weapon and asked to have them banned. Outside of the job, I own a few guns guns that would be banned if these pass and it looks like some will. Beretta who supplies most of the police agencies and the military say they will pack up their 400 jobs and millions in revenue and move out of Maryland...I hope they do. I would like to See how the State handles not being able to get guns for us. I am not a believer in gun bans..
  • Despite what the Colorado state legislature is doing right now with respect to gun laws, I don't see any company here banning sales to law enforcement agencies. With the exception of CSPD and Denver PD, most of the public and most of my state's elected officials do support local law enforcement statewide - the highest amount of support and respect occurred right after the Aurora shootings this past summer.
  • I don't think anyone's talking about banning private sales to LEOs. I mean, how would they even know you're a cop if you go off duty? They're talking about not selling to government run agencies, which I can completely understand. You're going to disarm the public but then expect me to sell you the weapons you might end up using the enslave those you've just disarmed? I don't think so. Now, pretty much every cop here will stand with the Constitution if this kind of scenario were to happen, as would most military personnel, and many Sheriffs and Chiefs are coming out to say their entire depatments will as well. But I understand where these manufacturers are coming from.
  • Wilavitt, I think you hit the nail right on the head. They are more then willing to sell to the individual LEO, just referring to the governmental agencies.
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