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Police kill gunman who took child hostage in Indiana

(Reuters) - Police snipers shot and killed a man in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Wednesday after he pulled a former girlfriend off a city bus, shot and killed her and then took a 3-year-old child hostage.

The unidentified 3-year-old was rescued unharmed, police said.

Police identified the dead man as Kenneth Knight, 45. They said he was the former boyfriend of Jacqueline Bouvier Hardy, 49, a passenger he pulled off the bus early Wednesday morning and shot.

Hardy had recently obtained a protective order against Knight, police said in a statement.

Officers tracked Knight to a home on Holton Avenue, where he had holed up with a 3-year-old hostage. Negotiators made contact with Knight but when he refused to surrender or release the child, two snipers shot and killed him, police said.

Police said they do not know of any relationship between Knight and the child. The police did not say if the child had any relationship to Hardy.


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