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Sign this Petition for Fallen Wauwatosa, WI Officer Jennifer Sebena

Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Sebena ( was killed on Christmas Eve 2012 just outside a fire station while on duty. The Board of National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund decided to "delay" their decision on whether they should place her name on the National Memorial or not because her husband is the accused killer. (

I am asking everyone to please sign this petition I created asking the NLEOMF to place her name on the wall where it belongs. Please go here and sign it. Thank You! >>


  • Officer Sebena was an officer in good standing with her department, not under internal investigation and on duty when she died. Regardless of who shot her, she died in the line of duty.
    She needs to be added to the wall of fallen officers. Her peers, whether Police Officers or Correctional Officers believe she is deserving of the recognition; that's all that should matter.

    RIP Officer Sebena.
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